Q and A with the MB Detective Case 1 Winner – Nitish Garg

Sherlock Holmes is my favourite detective character - Nitish Garg

ManipalBlog has started a weekly detective story contest since last evening. The first story was about a thief in the Nehru Block hostelin the Manipal University campus. The winner of this contest was Nitish Garg. We had a 3 question interview with him.

Q and a with the mb detective case 1 winner - nitish garg 1
Sherlock Holmes Is My Favourite Detective Character – Nitish Garg

Q1. Why do you like ManipalBlog?

Nitish – Because it is informative, interesting, funny and keeps me updated about the activities happening in and around Manipal.

Q2. Who is your favourite detective?

Nitish – CP Pradyuman from CID *chuckles*, Because he can solve cases by using Flemming’s Right Hand Rule 😛 .  Jokes Apart, It is of-course Sherlock Holmes.

Q3. Why is he your Favourite detective?

Nitish – Because he solves mysteries by logical reasoning, has extra-keen powers of observation, master in disguise, knows about weapons and martial-arts, And the use of forensic science in his investigations.

The solution to the “Case of the Hostel thief” : The correct answer is AMIT. The caretaker was just doing  his job by asking Philip for an alibi in the last half and hour which is a safe time limit by assumption. Thanks for participating people!

The next one is not going to be so easy! cheers 🙂

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