MB Detective Case 1: Every hostel has a thief


The badminton court in the Nehru Hostel was one of the favorite places of the students living in the hostel. Everyone used to gather there in the evening and used to play badminton with batch mates. When there were no takers for badminton football lovers would come there and play street football with a lot of enthusiasm. One such day I, along with four BDS students, was playing football in the court. Amit passed the ball to Akbar who shot for the goalpost but missed. Instead the ball went straight towards one of the rooms and smashed the windows. Everyone stood still for a moment and then Amit went to take the ball.

He went inside the hostel and then yelled, “Hey! I think someone has stolen from this room! This place is a mess!” Everyone rushed inside and when we reached we understood what Amit meant. Everything was in its place. But the wardrobe was completely messed up and looked as though someone had ransacked it. The locker was wide open and there was no cash in it. I walked towards the window and heard the crushed glass below the clothes. I immediately sent Akbar to fetch the caretaker. The caretaker called the room mates. The room mates were Philip and Parth. Everyone knew that they were not in the best of terms and they used to fight over petty things.

The caretaker scolded them for leaving the room unlocked! Philip said,”I locked the door!! Parth had the key! I had my golden locket in the locker! He must have stolen it!”
Everyone looked towards Parth and he looked very angry. He yelled,” How dare you! I never stole your stuff! I had my cash in the locker as well! Plus it was you who took my eatables without permission! I was in the room after you left but I went to the TV room alone to see the match! I forgot to lock the room.”

The caretaker asked Philip,” Where were you for the past half an hour?”
Philip answered,” I was with Vinay completing my assignment!” Vinay nodded.
Everybody was confused. But I knew who the thief was. I went towards Parth and said,” Dude! Never leave your room unlocked!”


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