The purpose of meaning

Just as no one can be forced into belief, no one can be forced into unbelief.
-Sigmund Feud
Every move, every decision of your life has been a reasonable one. For some of you most of the decisions that you took in life were calculated moves. Be it your career, your choice of mobile, your choice of who to be friends with – the so called “good company” and “bad company” and what not, you most of the time thought about it, gave it a reason and then convinced either someone else or yourself.

Well if you couldn’t convince others you never failed to convince yourself at any stage in life (at least not in present tense). Whenever you had more than one option you thought about it and reached a decision. Sometimes it also happened that you were able to give more reasons for your decision after taking it than you already had for doing it.

Everything in your world has been reasoned for except for one – Why do you need to account for your decisions? Why do you need to give any reason at all for what you are doing?
The answer is there is no answer. There is no logic there are only believes and feelings. Even though the problem is very global I’ll give you very small examples
You know you are not perfect and do wrong because it’s human nature and hence it also applies to everyone you know. You also know that people vary in magnitude of errors. If everyone is wrong in some context why do you love some people and hate the other?
When you had absolutely no belief your mind created a pseudo algorithm to help you decide and you started trusting it so much that you forgot belief gave rise to logic not vice versa.
Just for an instance assume I logically prove your belief is false for eg – Einstein was wrong or there is no God or the person you love the most is cheating on you. Will your belief change? Don’t answer it…
I would not be surprised if you still believe in reasoning because if you do you will only prove me right.
Logic is worst and the best trick your mind ever played with you.

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