Punishment worthy Beauty Sins

The Asian Beauty at the Western Solo Dance competition Manipal University UTSAV 2012 | Photo by Wungmathing Shaiza

1. Sleeping without cleansing:
For teenage girls who wear make-up, it is essential to remove all the make-up before going to sleep. Otherwise skin becomes prone to allergies and breakouts. Even teen girls who do not wear make-up need to cleanse in the night, otherwise skin accumulates oil and dust at the end of the day, which can clog pores.

2. Nibbling on your cuticles:
Chewed-up cuticles look unkempt and shabby. Torn pieces of skin around your nail can cause infections too. In order to curb the habit, keep your cuticles moisturized.

3. Changing your hair hue frequently:
When done occasionally is okay but when done too often it could damage your tresses. Bleach is a very drying ingredient and strips away natural pigment. Color your hair light often and it will lead to frizzy strands. It becomes extremely important to use products specially formulated for colored strands because they are more protective and more moisturizing.

4. Torturing your hair with heat.
Using a hair dryer, straightening iron or curling rod daily will dry your hair and leave them dull, frizzy and weak. Do not expose your hair to heat more often than once a week. If you cannot resist apply a protective cream.

5. Squeezing your zits.
Picking a pimple can extend its staying power to around 10 days instead of the normal 3 days. Dirt from your fingers can force the bacteria into your pores and cause an infection.

6. Leaving home minus SPF
Exposure to UV rays without protection may trigger spots, wrinkles and even cancer.

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