Proud Moment For Manipal: AN-ION Wireless to Provide Wi-Fi on Indian Railways Trains

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In what could be a proud moment for Manipal, AN-ION Wireless,the company that provides Wi-Fi services to MU students, has won a bid to offer Wi-Fi services on Indian Railways trains.This was announced by Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal in a press meet after his budget speech.

The duration of the contract is for 4 years with a possible extension for up to 6 years. The financial details of the contract will be revealed shortly.

The contract is most crucial for AN-ION as the winner is expected to maintain IRCTC servers as well.

Speaking to reporters, Bansal said, “I took it as a challenge to offer excellent Wi-Fi services on our trains. So, even before the official announcement, I asked my IAS officers to scout for the best Wi-Fi service provider in the country. After extensive search,we zeroed in on AN-ION Wireless. It has excellent track record in providing services to over 10K students in a university in Karnataka.”

He also expressed confidence that the problems of IRCTC website during Tatkal booking will be solved after AN-ION Wireless takes over the maintenance of servers.

After hearing the news,students of MU expressed happiness. Surendra Jadeja, a resident of 9th block said, “I feel proud to be a Manipalite. As soon as the news came out, my friends in other Universities called me up and asked about AN-ION. I explained them about the efficiency of AN-ION and their customer-centric approach.”

Meanwhile,the AN-ION customer service stalls at Innovation Center in MIT and University Building are being flooded with flower bouquets from the students congratulating the company. As a reciprocation gesture, AN-ION announced that the data limit will be increased by 5 GB for the rest of 2013 for its customers.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  


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