Protect Your Walls From Damage With Corner Guards: Choosing Corner Guards For Your Facility

Corner guards

Corner guards are usually something you’ve seen in hospitals, someone’s house, or the last hotel you stayed in. Corner guards on the walls from Rootex shield the paint and the walls from being damaged by collisions. In a hospital environment, maneuvering tight corners in the hallways while wheeling patients on a gurney is an established ability to stop hitting the walls. Suitcase carriers in hotels make their way up and down elevators, around corners, and through small hotel room doorways.

All of us have also seen our children entering the home through the internal garage door and throwing their shoes into the mudroom or living room. How many times have the corners of your lovely colored walls been shattered? What about in the kitchen, where the entrance is small, and you’re bringing in a big grocery bag full of pantry staples like tinned food?

Perhaps you’ve just bought a completely new bedroom sofa, and getting it into the room necessitates cautiously turning the house’s corners. A single blunder can completely demolish your defenses. So, how can you keep the walls from collapsing? The solution lies in choosing corner guards for your facility.

Corner Guards

Must shield the corners of your walls from unintentional harm. There are several various corner guards built out of several various products There is a form for every company. Here are some examples of the various types of Corner Guards accessible, as well as suggestions to assist you in determining which is appropriate for you and your circumstance.


Because of its unrivaled elegance, it is suggested for inclusion in clinics and fast-food restaurants. For corner defense, these are tough but light and stylish. They’re low-cost and great for medium- to high-traffic areas. Corner guards made of aluminum can also be painted to match the color of your walls.

Clear and Colored

It suggested for all corners of every facility, including hotels/motels, workplaces, food outlets, bathroom places, and public restrooms. These corner guards are made of PVC that is both rigid and flexible. They’re simple to put together and can be done with screws, nails, construction adhesive, or a peel-and-stick alternative. Cleaning with a normal cleaning product is a breeze. These hues are set in stone. The impact resistance of KSC Corner Guards is excellent.

Aluminum Retainer

Was suggested for places where corner harm is a possibility. A secret aluminum retainer is used to make these textured defenses. They’re made to absorb the brunt of any effect and disperse the force while permitting the elegant rigid PVC trim to spring back. These may be installed over current wall surfaces from floor to ceiling or in areas where harm is likely to happen. These are both inexpensive and attractive.

Paintable Corner Guards

Paintable Corner Guards are constructed of a paintable product that has been particularly designed. Paint and adhesion are ASTM checked, and the surface is accurately textured to suit most drywall textures. You can paint and suit any color wall with the self-stick tape included for quick installation.


If it’s the living room or the loading dock, company Sales has the right wall corner guards for the job. There are choices for online orders and delivery. With the variety of corner guards accessible today including product and color options, there is bound to be one that meets your requirements.

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