Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant Treatment

The TV and print media of today is full of exciting and new hair styling products that cater to a wide audience. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a bountiful head of hair, and a large population of people suffer from hair loss or balding at some point in time. If not treated on time, hair loss can be a source of great embarrassment and can be a cause of low self-esteem. Medical advancements have provided hair loss sufferers with enough options to no longer make balding a constant worry. However, as with any other surgical procedure, people are wary about hair transplants as well and wonder whether they are worth all the effort. If you’re looking for hair transplant in Bangalore, here are some pros and cons associated with the procedure:

Pros of Hair Transplant Treatment:

Simple Procedure:

As compared to other cosmetic surgical procedures, hair transplants are relatively simple and require minimal recovery time. The operation is carried out under local anaesthesia, and hence, the treatment is completely safe. The surgery is devoid of any serious complications and doesn’t require any long-term medication. Post-operative care only goes as far as keeping the hair from direct contact with water, and patients can resume their normal day-to-day activities within two or three days of the surgery.

Natural Hair: 

A hair transplant procedure harvests hair from the donor area on the scalp and replants them into areas of thinning hair. Unlike some unpopular opinions, the transplanted hair is the patient’s own. Hair transplant surgeons are experts at mimicking the natural growth pattern of the hair. The harvested hair follicle grafts that contain only a few donor hairs are strategically placed over the balding area to recreate a complete natural head of hair. Since the recipient and the donor hair follicles are the same, the resulting set of hair look completely natural. Furthermore, the treatment ensures that the hair that grows back are uniform and remain intact for a long time. The technique also guarantees that the overall follicular distribution remains unchanged.

Permanent Solution:

The hair follicles transplanted into balding areas are naturally resistant to the DHT hormone, which is responsible for baldness. Hence, the hairs that later grow in the balding area are resistant to hair loss as well. After completion of the procedure, patients need not go for any other types of treatment for renewing hair. The implanted hair will continue growing for their entire lifecycle. As a matter of fact, most doctors for hair transplant in Bangalore and other major cities promise this as the most effective hair loss treatment.

Cons of Hair Transplant: 


One of the most obvious disadvantages of the hair transplant surgery is the high cost involved with it. Depending on the choice of procedure, hair restoration surgeries can be expensive and out of reach of some patients. The cost of the procedure is directly dependent on the number of hair follicles that are transplanted. This limits the scope and extent of the procedure, and thus the recommended procedure for a patient might not be at par with his/her financial ability.


Scarring is yet another disadvantage of this procedure for those who would want to wear their hair short. Hair transplant surgery may leave minor and somewhat indiscernible scars at the donor sites and areas of follicular insertion. While these scars are usually not visible, they can be visibly noticeable if individuals opt to shave their hair short.

It takes months to show results: 

While hair transplants offer a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss, the results may take as long as a year to show a defined difference. The hair implanted during the surgery eventually fall off within two or three weeks after the procedure. However, new growth starts appearing over time, and may take anywhere from nine to twelve months to show discernible outcomes of the transplant.


Hair transplant procedure also carries minor risks such as infection or haemorrhage. However, these are very rare and are unlikely to occur if the patients follow their doctor’s instruction. In some cases, if the infections and bleeding persist, patients might need to undergo further treatments to cure them. There is also a risk of nerve damage in the donor site; however, it only occurs once in a hundred cases.

Premature hair loss can be pretty overwhelming for some individuals and can even lower their confidence. Hair transplant treatments provide these people with an option to regain their youthful appearance and go a long way in improving their outlook on life. The aesthetic change brought about by the completion of the treatment not only provides patients with a more youthful appearance, but it also increases their confidence in both social and business interactions. However, as with any other medical treatment, hair transplants have their own set of pros and cons. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals to weigh the risk of hair transplants against benefits and consult an expert before undergoing any treatment.

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