Pouring your Heart Out

Ashutosh Taparia | Staff Blogger

Everywhere around me all I see is destruction, pure destruction. Destruction of trust, destruction of joy, destruction of health and what not. I just have one question, have we as humans, ever came together and thought about the future as a race instead of a Christian, Hindu or Muslim? Have we ever thought of working side by side, shoulder to shoulder instead of taking the development as a competition?

The answer to this and many other questions is no. We haven’t thought of this in a very long time. Instead we keep the development in secret and make money out of it. Have you not seen the movies depicting future? Have you not seen there is no concept of money? Comparing movies to real life is bullshit, I am well aware of that but the idea behind that is to make people realize that there is more to the world than racism, sexism, money mindedness, etc. People are dying every day due to the weapons of mass destructions that we have made. Is this what we need? Is this what we deserve? Is this how humanity will prosper?

Don’t get me started on environment conservation. We say we are doing our best to save environment but I don’t see any change as of now. Global temperatures are still rising and it isn’t slowing down. I don’t say that we are not putting efforts, I am just saying efforts are not enough. There are many schemes that have been put but honestly, who in the world is actually following them? This isn’t the earth I had dreamt of. This isn’t the time I thought would come.  

I could give answers to all the questions raised, but that would be from one point of view. The main idea behind this is to make people aware of the evils of the society. So sit down, relax, do nothing for a minute or so and think. Think about the planet, think about humanity, think about its survival, and think about its future.

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