Post Graduation After B.Pharm from Manipal College of Pharmacy: Confusing times ahead!

MCOPS, Manipal is much better when compared to some of the NIPER Institute in terms of Job Placements!

Hi everyone. This is my first post on Manipalblog so I wish to start formally with an introduction. I am Arun Verma, MCOPS, B. Pharm Batch-2010, completing my Post Graduation from National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Kolkata, have a Govt. job in hand at ICAR, hopefully going for PhD.

Post graduation after b. Pharm from manipal college of pharmacy: confusing times ahead! 1
Mcops, Manipal Is Better When Compared To Some Of The Niper Institute In Terms Of Job Placements!

The title describes the most confusing question when a student is in his B. Pharm final year. Where to GO NEXT ? Which exams to write for Post Graduation ? Which institute is better, Manipal or any other Govt. institution ?
Let us start with Post Graduation.

The first question arises, Which exam to write for Fellowship in PG, GATE or GPAT ?   The answer is quite simple. You can write both.

GATE in Life Science or Biotechnology and GPAT. There is 4 month gap between both exams so you can prepare for both. For the institutions which conduct their own entrance exams for PG, you just need to qualify the exams, top ranks are not needed. Qualifying is easier. I had done it. GPAT-2010 (Validity 1 year), GATE-2011 in Biotech (Validity 2 years).

Now we come to “Which institution is better ?” . I will list out few institutions in priority order and mind it , it is only my opinion and experience, you can modify it as you need.
1- NIPER,Mohali
2- NIPER Hyderabad
4- Manipal
5- Jamia Hamdard
6- JSS
7- All IITs,NITs for M.Tech
8- Abroad

I know that NIPER is dream of  every pharmacy graduate, but the grass only looks greener on the other side. Apart from Mohali and Hyderabad no other NIPER has adequate infrastructure or permanent faculty, placement about Zero percent. You will be taught by the scientists who have no idea about pharmacy, according to some pharmacy is a branch of Chemistry (Most hilarious joke I have ever heard). If you want placement, stay away from any other NIPER. For that matter Manipal is far better than any of them. If you want PhD after PG and you are good at butt-licking, then you can go to any NIPER except Rai Barelli and Kolkata. Any branch you choose in NIPER but stay away from Pharmacoinformatics except in Mohali. It is completely useless branch. Sometimes I think what was the guy smoking when he designed the course. They expect us to have full command on C,java,Perl, Database Design and Handling in 3 semesters, from a student whose knowledge of computer is limited to Google,Gmail and Facebook. You pay double fee opposed to other branches (~75000/Sem) with guarantee of ZERO Placement.
Most of Pharmacy students will not be knowing this, you can go for PG in most of East Asian Universities(ie NUS, Singapore) with a good GATE percentile, GRE not essential but an added benefit. Do not underestimate these universities. They are miles and miles ahead of any Indian Institute and many US/UK/Europe/Australian universities in terms of Research and Productivity.
If you want to go for Govt. jobs, then stop pretending that you are destined to be Drug Inspectors. Start trying just after your Graduation. Just have a look at SSC website. Combined Graduate Level Entrance Exam, where you have to compete with,BA or BSc candidates,mostly. And if you can qualify GATE or GPAT then you can surely beat them. I think this much is enough for my first article here. I will write about some straight ways and shortcuts for PhD in next one. Bye.


  1. can i do Phd ? After B Pharm please suggest me! or is there any integrated course ? of both Phd and M Pharm!..thanku…the peice of info was informative and helpfull!

  2. Sometimes I think what was the guy smoking when he designed the course!! Lmao!! 😀 Words of everyone at MCOPS! Outdated syllabus with every alternate person having an inferiority complex! God save the college.
    PS: informative piece. Thank you 🙂
    PS 2: I am the guy who complained during the ragging period :p

    • If you think anything odd about current syllabus of B.Pharm, then you are wrong brother. You will know its value when you go for research or PG project .                  Regarding complaining, Shit happens………… When I look back now, those were the golden days. I miss ragging and nicknames given to us during intro.
                   For a sidenote, if you are a MCOPS student, tell those idiots screwing around with farmvilli and mafia wars on facebook to start using internet y reading blogs like this, not misusing and wasting time on facebook games. If you want to game, buy a real PC and start playing….. 🙂

      • Well I hope I am wrong about the outdated syllabus thing because during my internship I found the theoretical knowledge utterly useless. And obviously these are the golden days and I am trying to make the most of it! 🙂
        PS: Our views on bullying juniors clearly don’t match (even now)
        PS2: Yup! Ppl do waste a lot of time on fb..Virtual superstars and failures in life! If the priorities are clear then everything’s cool I guess 🙂

  3. I have completed my B pharmacy from india. What are Various postgraduate
    and master degree offered in canada and what is difference in Msc in
    hospital mgt and MBA in hospital mgt in terms of job profile and salary.
    Also if u can suggest which is the best course to do after B pharmacy. 

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