Platonic relationships between men and women

Platonic relationships between men and women
Most of us would consider ourselves lucky indeed just to find real love once in our lives. Most of us are still searching...

Do you believe that there can be platonic relationships between men and women? Can Guys and Girls JUST be Friends?

Most of my close girlfriends and I believe that there is no such thing as a strictly platonic relationship between men and women. Let’s define the context, first of all.

  1. both parties are heterosexual and “unattached”
  2. neither is “unattractive” or “disturbed” in the sense that you would never consider having a romantic relationship with them even if they’re the last member of the opposite sex on earth.
  3. the relationship is not merely on the level of superficial acquaintances you see once in a blue moon and usually with other people present.

What is “love” anyway? Isn’t it just a word we tag onto a combination of emotions to simplify the expression of such emotions? Instead of saying “I admire and respect you, enjoy your company, am sexually attracted to you, and feel inspired by you” etc., we just say “I love you.” And aren’t most of those emotions developed and nurtured through friendship? And if you become “close” friends, and you’re both attractive people (at least to each other), wouldn’t something non-platonic naturally evolve? Even if the non-platonic feelings were never acted on, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and their very existence would then imply that, actually, your relationship is “non-platonic.”

Platonic relationships between men and women
Most Of Us Would Consider Ourselves Lucky Indeed Just To Find Real Love Once In Our Lives. Most Of Us Are Still Searching…

But if it’s so easy to “grow” love out of friendship, why is it so difficult to find love (lasting or otherwise) for so many people? In a person’s lifetime, how many times does he/she REALLY fall in love? Once? Twice? Three times at most?

Human nature across history has shown that even strong obstacles such as marriages, significant others, blood-lines, religion and even sheer will-power have been ineffective. It’s one of those things where it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable happens, or before the relationship dissolves as a precautionary measure.

And yet you meet so many specimens from the opposite sex throughout your life, many of whom become more than mere acquaintances. Statistically and logically, your chances of finding LOVE should be pretty decent. But the fact is that love is elusive for many people.

Most of us would consider ourselves lucky indeed just to find real love once in our lives. Most of us are still searching… Why is that, do you suppose?

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  1. I agree with your sentiments on platonic relationships. I also think that there isn’t just one person out there for everyone, that there is the potential with lots of people and it’s about meeting someone who you fall in love with who shares your desire for something more at that time in their life. Lasting love requires a lot of effort, I think, and isn’t just a matter of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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