Placements at MIT Manipal: What you must know! A Preparation Guide by Deepak Pathak

It is beginning of Placement for the New Batch and so I wanted to share few of my experiences with them so that they will not face the same problem as we did.

Dress Code:

1) Though most of you might have good dressing sense for party but only few know about formals & it’s not just you, our batch was the same.

2) Guys try to develop the habit of wearing formal during all placement process, be it registration, PPTs, written test or interview. You may think people don’t notice but the people coming to college see each detail. I don’t know much about IT companies where people say they can wear anything, but if u want to come to manufacturing, automobile, or any core company they have proper dress code.

3) Your dress is your identity & respect. Sorry to use this word but only white color people wear formal, you will have to wear formal to get yourself identified as white colors or engineering graduates.

4) Wearing any shirt with ill-fitting trouser & a funky tie doesn’t make you look formal.

5) Try to have at least 2 plain light coloured shirts with simple dark blue, black, or dark grey trousers & matching formal tie. Wear shocks matching with your trousers.

6) Keep your facial hair clean-shaved. You are not Dr. Kalam that you can show off your hair style or Mr. Mallya to show your beard. When you reach a certain level in career you can do what you wish, but now you need to be simple.

7) Many people come for interviews for IT company for fun with any dress & resume folded in your hand. It’s OK you don’t need the Job but others need it. Don’t show disrespect to any company.



1) Register for company only if you are interested. Today market conditions are not good that you can choose or wait for your Dream company. My Dream company didn’t come for my branch & for others it didn’t visit college or if visited the cutoff was very high. If you are not interested just don’t register. Give chance to others.

2) Few people judge the company based on CTC. Its your personal choice but you should not say these to all. Most of the company don’t have vacancies & they are coming because they have good relationship with MIT. May be your Pocket money is more than the CTC, so sit at home & enjoy life.

3) Once you have registered try to complete the placement process. I have seen my friends going for interview just for practice for other company & later backing out. Some write aptitude test for practice for CAT. Its your choice but for your kind info, most of these people didn’t get placed in the company they were hoping as those companies didn’t come.

4) DON’T treat MRC as time pass. May be these companies will come to your rescue. My classmates who were far better than me, & cleared most of the Test & GDs but never made to the last have now only MRC as option. Take MRC seriously. For MIT it may be FUN, but for most college MRC are the only company that come. Take it seriously.

5) Whatever doubt you have about CTC, Job profile etc ask them in PPT. You should not ask these in Interviews & then back out.

Placement Dress Sense


1) Try to come well prepared. I hope most of you have Quantitative Aptitude Book & have solved it. Most companies have at least 1 section related to it.

2) Depending upon your branch try to keep at least 3-4 subjects well prepared. By asking your seniors you can know about such subjects. Also you may find question papers of few companies online. But before doing this you keep your 3 most favorite subjects well prepared. These favourite subjects should not be such that you like them but you don’t know anything or can’t score.

3) Learn to manage your time. Questions are easy but most of the time you can’t complete them due to your wrong ways of time management. Most companies keep individual cutoff for each section. Try to give proper time to all sections.

Placement HR


1) Try to read about GD tips online. Each company has its own need. Some want good listeners, some want dominating people & some want people who manages well.

2) Try to start well, speak as much required & then give chance to others. Don’t shout & stop others in middle as if its our Parliament. Even if you think its boring try to show interest that you are listening.

3) Try to sit in posture with your back straight & both hands on table, bit leaning forward. Don’t ever keep your face on your hands or both hands folded at chest. Try to note points.

4) If you have already spoken then sit be attentive. While speaking try to maintain Eye contact with all. Before speaking introduce yourself.

5) Don’t bring any sensitive points or give any example that is not related to the topic.


1) Before coming for interview study about the company. If its manufacturing company & coming for core job they will always ask you questions related to manufacturing. If its IT company, they will ask few IT questions.

2) Don’t try to fool around that the interviewer is from other department so he will not be knowing this subject etc. If he is coming for interview he will be knowing a lot & if he doesn’t know he will put you on telephonic interview. Or in worst case he will tell he doesn’t know much about the field so he will ask from the field he is interested in, Try to come prepared with 3-4 different field/subjects.

3) Be very attentive & confident. If offered a hand for handshake give a proper handshake, you will feel ok. Be sure of your answers, don’t give wrong answers to fool them.

4) Many a times company may not ask any technical questions but will ask about your PROJECT or INTERNSHIP. Be well prepared. Don’t try to fool around if you have done internship for certificate.

5) After you are done, try to ask the interview few questions. It will show that you are interested in the Job.


1) This is usually the last round of interview. Mostly interview wants to know about you as a person.

2) Here you may be asked sensitive topic like corruption, gifts, bribe etc. Always be clear about corruptions & gifts. Personally you might be interested but in interview don’t say it.

3) Be prepared about your short term & long term goals & other question. Be prepared for HR interview, here many people get rejected if its taken before Technical round. Search online for few common HR questions & answers

4) Try to come well prepared about the data related to the company. Questions are asked.


1) People should check about night & color blindness if they have any wish to work in manufacturing company. If they have power above -4.5 get is corrected.

2) If any other thing like Hernia or similar things that could be cured by operations, get it operated, else in Medicals they may be rejected.

3) Check yourself for Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Ailments. These shouldn’t be a problem in general, but check it out before you get selected, else you may get job in campus & later you may be rejected due to medical reason.

Placement Not Serious

1) Don’t be frustrated with failure. I know its not easy but m saying it because of my own personal experience.

2)Be strong. Talk daily to your parents & keep them informed. Talk to your friends & keep yourself calm. Don’t think negative. You will see lot many less deserving people getting placed but your chance will also come. If you need any help or advice you all are free to contact me

3)For people below 4th Year, try hard and improve your CGPA. You may have good knowledge and good projects, but what’s the use when you can’t appear in written test due to high cut off.

4. Do read The Twenty Mistakes you Don’t want to make during your Manipal Days

About the Author: Deepak Pathak is an alumnus of Manipal Institute of Technology. He studied Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 2013. He currently works at Daimler India.

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