Pillar of Autumn – A Poem By Pranay Pareek

Pillar+of+Autumn+ +Pranay+Pareek
Image: Autumn Fantasy

Staring out the window
11 at night
While the November sky gently weeps
The shades of blue seep in through the blinds

Silence was never too loud
To reanimate the blackened roses
That once sprung up like a smile or two
But in the wake of cold
The red faded
A memory locked; without a clue

If only sleep could build a staircase
To the past that we once knew
Within the emptiness that once had a name
As we put out the candles; the flame; with our hand
The shades of night would still seep in
Without a sound

Won’t u remember?
U could never lose
What u never found

And soon, before the aproaching white
The elegy of the roses
Would be a long forgotten lie
We’d wait for the sun
To light up the horizon
And colour the night once again

As the seasons wither
Let’s burn the bridges
To the past that never was
And I know; I’d see u smile; Your hair let down
Let’s build new ones
That lead to a new coloured dawn

Because in this kingdom of sorrow
Hate is a four-lettered word
I’d choke upon.

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