Like a Moth to A Flame – Rachita Singh

moth to a flame Rachita Singh 3

While moths exhibit a phenomenon called phototaxis which has a lot of different theories to comprehend more on this interesting nature of these insects – I, luckily, am not going to further elaborate on them and return to the topic in a metaphoric sense (the way it was intended). Some things can’t be explained logically but that doesn’t mean they aren’t right and they don’t happen. When the night is so black, a small hint of moonlight can light up the way. All we have to do- is to follow it. Some people are just mysteriously attracted to a source of light or a beam of energy that eventually ignites them and makes them different from the rest of us. But all they do is follow their dreams and desires.

The story which has been told so many times is of the famous movement called renaissance- but thanks to the so-interesting-history-books (note of sarcasm to be appreciated) we never got the ‘His’ story part! In those times, people were forced to believe what they were preached- and they had to abide by that otherwise it was thought to be a violation of the church- the only law they followed that time. But what happened was that people begun to question the preachers- they developed their own theories and began to state what had been hidden from the world so far. Slowly, It spread to Europe and the rest as we all know is history (damn it!).
Humans are scientifically programmed to have this unbelievable quest for knowledge but at the same time, fate and destiny and some illogical reasoning must be acknowledged. Newton discovered gravity following an accident; Archimedes discovered buoyancy after his bath (no comments!).

In a normal student world- we sometimes get attracted to the most atrocious things on the face of the earth, and end up following our peers in 90 percent of the times. In hard times, all we want is for someone to shed some light and eventually we end up surviving.

Basically the name of the game is surviving- whether it is a moth to a flame or a mosquito to blood- a human’s surviving power brings all these creatures to shame!

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