Balance. Equilibrium. Stability. Words that we constantly hear from everyone, asking us to practice and attain in life. Every time we go through pain, a constant reminder to us, by someone with better experience of the same. A reason for us to better ourselves or a reason for us to lose hope of the future. It may be a boon or a curse, depending on the way we see it .Balance, equilibrium and stability. Words that we hear every time we make a mistake.

Talk about attaining balance to a student and he says life needs to be impulsive and unpredictable. Talk about balance to an adult and he says he has seen much of life to realize that there is no such thing and he gave up on it. Ask the same to a monk or a saint, who gave up all worldly possessions and luxuries. He says he found it because there is nothing to weigh things in his life.

Can we define it? A stable life, a state of calmness and serenity able to sort out everything around us and remain in peace. Does happiness relate to peace? Someone who finds happiness in his own small family, limited life without anything new, says he is at peace. Someone who finds happiness in taking risks, new experiences, constant mistakes and troubles also is at peace. Someone who doesn’t have anything worldly or materialistic also the same.

It cannot be defined. Life as such is subjective, in every way. What is peace to one is hell to another and vice versa. We do not perceive the world through someone else’s eyes or feel what it like is to walk in their shoes. That is why we are not able to understand each other. That is why we have differences in happiness.
Balance. Equilibrium. Stability. They are subjective to each of our individual selves. One cannot expect another to be the same as they are. But one can attempt to see the positiveness around through another’s eyes. Then it may be possible, to remove the pain and anguish around us. At least to some extent. May be what we lack isn’t happiness inside us. What we lack is the perception of it.

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