OMR- Meddle into the Oral Cavity

As we entered our third year, clinical postings were the best and most exciting part of new session coming in front of us. Its a “change-over-mama” feeling when we started our interaction with patients and were no longer bounded to pre-clinicals working on dummies.


I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.     —   Mike Tyson

My first clinical posting of OMR i.e Oral Medicine and Radiology professor asked us to look around and observe the cases. On one hand, there were interns taking case history of the patients in an attempt to diagnose them and refer to the concerned department while on the other hand, we were simply roaming around the department trying to figure out things.


We went to a patient whose normal procedure of case history was in process. All nine of us, together like a herd of sheeps, surrounded the patient and started observing the way doctor was taking his history when suddenly the patient become conscious of our presence and asked, “Is there anything serious? Why is everyone looking at me?” Doctor explained him that we, being new students of 3rd year, were just trying to learn things. The man felt intimidated and awkward lying in that dental chair with his exposed oral cavity and all ten of us including the doctor trying to meddle in it.


Well, in the end, whatever be the circumstance, each day starts with a new zeal and enthusiasm to learn something new in a hope that one day we’ll be through all this “meddling-in” and be successful doctor-cum-dentists.

The excitement of one’s first posting, interaction with patients as a doctor in a hospital set-up and the feeling of being a doctor can’t be explained. Sharing your experiences and happiness is out of the world. If you too have any such experiences which you want to share, feel free to mail them at [email protected]  or [email protected].

Stay tuned and Keep Blogging!

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