Oh Youth! Arise and Awake! Stay Away From Drugs

The recent happening in Mangalore, where a college going girl committed suicide by hanging and her antecedent ‘drug use’ has received state-wide publicity, made me write this article. Most of the drug users start drugs in teenage or in college. Most of them start with cigarettes or alcohol or marijuana. These are called ‘gateway’ drugs. Some take to ‘rebel’ against authorities like parents, hostel warden or a teacher, while few take it because it makes them ‘cool’, while some feel, they can ‘gel’ well with friends, while a few are forced by their friends to try it once. There are some, who start thinking’ a peg ‘a day improves their health or personality.

This casual usage slowly becomes frequent usage as these substances really seem to cut their stress. Slowly it progresses into regular usage and a day comes when a student is transformed into an ‘addict’.

Somebody who craves for the ‘drug’, somebody who uses it from early morning and somebody who neglects his studies, friends and regular student activities, spends time in thinking about the drug, using the drug is an ‘addict’. Many of them start with the ‘cool’ drugs,slowly progress into hard ones like  buprenorphine, codeine and ketamine. Some get dangerous diseases like Hepatitis C or HIV because they share the same needles. Some die a premature death because of illness while few commit suicide.

Let us all think seriously. Let us try not to take the ‘first puff’ or the ‘first peg’. Those of us already trying it, let us take professional help and quit. Those who want to ‘quit’ please consider visit to a Psychiatry Department of your medical college. Yes, some of us ‘shrinks’ can help you in coming out of this habit smoothly.

About the Author: Dr. P.V. Bhandary is a well-known Psychiatrist in Udupi and Medical Director at Dr. A.V.Baliga Memorial Hospital at Doddanagudde, Udupi. He was selected for CADABMA’S distinguished Psychiatrist Award 2012. This award is initiated for his outstanding services to the marginalized section of the society in the field of psychiatry. The award was presented to him at Bangalore in presence of His Excellency Dr. H.R Bharadwaj, Governor of Karnataka, His Excellency Dr. K Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu, and His Grace Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore and other dignitaries.

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