Of missing Manipal and facing two-faced Owners!

The air around me has sung a familiar tune this week. You ask why? I was back to Manipal for my convocation! Manipal – the word itself is music to our ears, isn’t it? Frankly, I wasn’t excited about the convo. What I was back here was for the feeling of being back to the place which spelled HOME for the last couple of years. Then again they say, home is where your heart is. Though my home is elsewhere now, I realized my heart had still been singing the tune of the essence of Manipal.

Spending time with near-and-dear ones in a far-and-dear place was a refreshing experience. So refreshing that I wished I never had to leave. I wished I could relive the Manipal Experience. Maybe do a few things differently. I have this idea now that if a Manipalite gets to relive their time there, they would turn out much wiser and successful, because this place has affected every life in one way or the other and taught us one too many lessons of life. Again, maybe that’s just an excuse to fall in love with the place all over again!

two face2 TDK
Courtesy : Two Face Costume

Having come back from heaven, Pune seemed to have lost its charm for a day or two. But then, you begin to get attached to every place you live in and the people! It’s time for some more goodbyes and Change is again in the picture. Right around the corner waiting for me. I think there is not going to be a single post in the Serenade Of My City without a mention to Change! It only strengthens what I always stress on – Change is the only Constant.

It’s time for me to shift my shelter, time to adjust to new roomies, time to adjust to the new locality and time for believing that everything happens for a reason. Sigh! Don’t you sometimes wonder how easy it would be to believe that everything happens for a reason IF we knew THE REASON?! Hmmm… Anyway, I have a new problem in hand. I’m sure a lot of people will face this problem once they are on their own. When you hunt for houses, you meet the good face of the owners. And then when it’s the time for them to return your security deposit, they seem to have chosen a new face from their own version of Face-book!

My owner refuses plainly to return the deposit in spite of having a legal agreement. How irksome is that! Having followed the rules of providing one-month notice before vacating, he refuses to even agree to the fact that he signed one. He’s either a fool, or we are losing all our money. Moreover the agent/broker who got us this contact refuses to take even the slightest responsibility. The super-friendly talks have been replaced by rude replies. So the point I’m trying to convey here is, be very wary of the people in a place that is unfamiliar to you. The meethi boli (sweet talk) can be the perfect mask for a dhokebaaz (cheater). Every place has them in plenty.

Wishing a safe money-recovery for me and a pleasant experience for you in future, I sign off. Have a happy week you guys. Adios!



  1. In India there is no such thing as law and order. If I were you and I would pack all my things send it home. Damage the place for the amount of deposit. Thats what I did at Madavi Palace. Owner refused 1lakh 50. I made damage for more than 2 lakhs.

    • Me and my flatmates have been planning on the same jokingly, but will give it a serious thought now 😉
      But jokes apart, i’m appalled by the audacity of these ppl really!

  2. Dammmit…my landlord also did the same with me…Despite of the agreement, he did everything as per his wish in the house…I felt bad but continued to avoid shifting blues…he made my life miserable and lied at all the points…He did all through his daughter an then conveniently moved her away…He promised to refund my money but refused to even pick my call reply to my sms…

    He wanted everything in black so I moved out of his place post my lease expiry basis mutual agreement…the liar and cheater of highest order is not doing even that…I curse him n his daughter…he is so well to do and his daughter doing MBA, still such a cheap approach. Am very sad.

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