Of Farts and Filthy Fragrances

Farts and Fragrances

One big fart, is all it takes,
To make your pains, go down the drain
If your efforts, go in vain
Those futile attempts, to gain,
Great comfort down station,
You will be the cause of,
The ongoing air pollution,

With people around you making faces,
Ugly; with fingers opposing their nares
If by chance they come to know,
The origin of the filthy fragrance
It’s just laughs then; or only stares,
And an attitude of disgust with anger
All shining dark on their face
It’s a scene of sheer embarrassment
Your awkward face looking uglier
With a gleam of shame in your eyes
Know not a thought for further reaction
Neither can escape the filthy smell;
Air stinks around you,
“oh! Better was hell”
And if you try to close your nose
Just to behave modestly
Or really, to get rid of the torture
You see your conscience smile
Sarcastic enough, to make you realise
You are but an helpless idiot
Still with all the false confidence
And expectations to escape
From such a horrible situation
With whole lot of perplexion
Though defeated, still feeling strong
But with all doubts in the mind
Trying to forget, when you are;
Another big fart down there fights
Don’t worry, go ahead, its all your right
Just to feel these “REALITY BITES”

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