Of damsels, quests and space odysseys

As the title suggests, this post deals with fantasy worlds; worlds that come to life on high-definition screens and serve as fuel for overactive imaginations. The subject being tackled here is none other than the favourite escape from reality for most people under 25 (and a few above that as well) – computer gaming.

The number of college students today who have not tried their hand at a video game title must be a dwindling minority. Everyone needs a stress buster once in a while, and when you are really upset, whether it is over bad exam results or a failed relationship, beating up random bad guys in a pyrotechnic slug fest can be a most satisfying catharsis.

The video game industry seems to understand this as well, and so there is a perfect collection of titles tailor-made for just about any person who wants to give them a try. From the sheer insanity of Grand Theft Auto to the tactical brilliance of Age of Empires, from shooting up all manner of things in unthinking rampages to playing as your favourite comic book character, games turn the figments of our imagination into a reality and make it almost possible to look forward to something, even in the middle of the dreariest of lectures.

However, emotionally satisfying as they may be, these adventures in lands far, far away are best enjoyed with some responsibility. For sometimes it becomes a little hard to come back to the dull, boring real world and manage everyday tasks, making gaming probably the most addictive pastime after Facebook, and even that ends up relying on Farmville!

So are you the type who has a lot of free time on hand and nothing else to do? Or do you just need a little excitement to spice up your life? Either way, the answer may lie in some good old-fashioned button mashing!

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