Obvious Signals That Mean She Likes You.. But You Miss Them!

For a woman, verbally telling you how she really feels about you is something that is going to be difficult for her. Hiding a girl’s feelings towards an opposite sex is considered as something discreet by some. However, for a man, knowing if she is interested in him or not is something important; therefore, he’s got to be able to read the signs.

Here are the obvious signals that show she really likes you — the signals that you might have been missing:

1. She shows signs of great interest

Try to observe how she looks at you, how she listens to what you are saying, how she laughs at your jokes, how she asks questions and so on. A woman who is interested in you will definitely like to know more about you, particularly your personal sides. She might even throw probing questions to know about your status and other things that concern you. A woman who has no interest in you will not really be anxious to know what type of person you are, what you like and what you do not like.

2. She does some secret flirtatious acts

This thing is also called subconscious flirting. A woman will exhibit her liking for you by “innocently” seducing you. These acts may include playing with her hair, adjusting her outfit, touching her neck or touching you lightly with her hand.

3. She makes herself available to you

She maybe busy but you will be surprised because when it comes to you, she always has time. If she really can’t give you time now, she will exert the effort to adjust her schedule. In short, she will be extra nice to you.

4. You are welcome to touch her

She allows you to touch her, even slightly. She will appreciate the feel of your hand on her cheek; she would like it when you touch her hair, and so on. A woman would definitely not like the touch of someone that she does not like. Nevertheless, avoid taking too much advantage because you will definitely scare her off even when she likes you.

These are just some of the signs that would tell you if a woman likes you. Be keen with your observation and you would surely be able to tell is she feels something special about you or not.


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