Not Just an Internship

By researching their chosen career field, students may find seasonal jobs, volunteer opportunities and professional internships that help round out their resumes. Simply put, a college education does not always set applicants apart in the competitive job market. It is the activities they pursue outside of their academics that employers notice most often.

Not every applicant stands out in a crowd. Enthusiasm counts for a lot during interviews and can make you stand above the rest. Make sure you find out about the company first and ask lots of relevant questions. And get a friend you trust to read your resume and application before you send it – typos and grammar mistakes can be so easily avoided, and that really affects your first impression.

Creating an exceptional resume requires time and creativity. Campus career counselors are available to assist students with any questions they might have throughout the process. Often the first to find out about work opportunities, the trained professionals can match potential employees with jobs in their chosen field of study.

A few simple tips for students to impress employers:

1. When applying for opportunities, provide the company with a reliable contact number. Employers should be able to reach an individual without playing phone tag. Your cell phone should be the first number listed on the application.

2. All phone calls should be returned in a prompt manner. Timing is critical when work opportunities are scarce. If the company is no longer offering a position that interests you, it is better to thank them for their time and fill out an application elsewhere. The more applications you fill out, the more phone calls you will receive.

3. Never show up late for an interview. This courtesy should be extended to phone interviews as well. Time is precious to employers. It is better to be a few minutes early and have to wait than to lose a company’s interest by showing up late.

4. The most important thing to remember when interviewing for a position is to dress the part. Companies are looking for professionals to fill their vacancies. Showing up in cutoffs or sweat pants is not a good idea even if the dress code is lax. A clean, crisp appearance always makes a good impression.

5. Attaching a copy of your resume to an application will increase your chances of being interviewed. Make sure to include all relevant work, educational and community oriented experience along with two or three solid references.

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