No to Rough Hands: Four Easy Ways to Soften Your Hands

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Our hands are probably among the most hardworking parts of our body that deserve some extra care. But with all the products and services available to help maintain our facial skin, it can be easy to overlook our hands. However, caring for them is just as important, too. If you ignore your hands, they would age faster than you realize.

The good news is that there are ways you can keep your hands moisturized and prevent them from aging prematurely. To help you, here is a list of all the things that you can do to keep your hands soft.

Use a Hand Sanitizer Moderately

Sure, using a sanitizer multiple times a day is a part of your habit, but exposing your hands to chemicals could also cause them to dry out. Using an excessive amount of sanitizer and skipping hand cream can cause your skin to become dry. Try the Hand Cream from Kedma Cosmetics, which effectively softens dry and rough hands.

Also, wear gloves when washing the dishes to protect your hands. It is also highly advisable to use gentle soaps, especially those that are sulfate-free so that you will not wither your hands.

Try a Combination of Milk and Lemon

Milk and lemon are among the staple food items in most kitchens. But did you know that you could also use them to remedy your dry hands? Add a few drops of lemon juice and glycerin into your milk and let everything naturally infuse for half an hour. Once everything is set, gently massage the mix to your hands.

You can repeat the process daily to see the best results. If your milk has not gone through pasteurization yet, you need to boil it to eliminate any bacteria. Then, let it cool down for a couple of minutes before using it.

Do Not Forget the Scrub

Using a body scrub can also help keep your hands soft and smooth. What is even better is that you can make your own. There are several DIY videos online for various sea salt hand scrubs that you might want to try. If you are not a fan of it, then you can also try using a sugar scrub as an alternative.

Mix three half cups of refined sugar, coconut oil and fresh lemon, and then rub the mix to your hands. Doing so will exfoliate your skin and keep it moisturized at the same time. Refrain from rubbing your hands roughly on a towel when you are drying them. Instead, just pat them until dry.

Lather with HoneyHoney in glass pot with bee and flowers

Honey is one of the best natural moisturizers that you can typically find in every kitchen. You can create a mask by mixing grated potato, a few drops of milk and a tablespoon of honey. Apply to your hands and leave for at least 15 minutes before washing it off.

These are only some of the steps that you can take to make sure that your hands remain looking young and beautiful no matter what your age is. Make sure to use skincare products that suit your skin type to avoid any allergic reactions.

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