Music for the Soul?

Much attention has been paid to music from ancient times. Ancient people enjoyed the sound of flowing streams, chirping of birds, and waterfall music. Without any doubt, music is needed for the soul; however, some people deny it. Several years ago people started to provide simple instruments that made harmonic sounds. Today there are complicated musical instruments which create beautiful sounds. Thus, there are two major classifications of music which are named traditional, and modern ones.

As many psychologists claim, music is the food for soul. So many times listening to a piece of light music after a busy day of working releases the tensions and gives energy to people. Music deals with our emotions and passion. Research studies show that using an appropriate music in postoperative wards decreases the pain in the patients after surgery. On the other hand, it is proved that it creates more ability of solving difficult mathematics problems among the people, and more perception of notes of music. All of these findings demonstrate that people really need music.

Taking traditional music into account, it is one of the most important inheritances of the past. Traditional music is indicator of nations? history. People usually feel a nostalgic sense with their own music. In other words, it roots from their ancestors? lives, so it is valuable and dear.

Regarding modern music which is heard everywhere nowadays, it can communicate in particular with juveniles. They love heavy and instrumental music. By spending time listening to these kinds of exciting music, they release their energy that always find a way to exhaust in young. It is joyful and full of life .In fact it is an essential entertainment for people who are music fans. A positive point of modern music is its cosmopolitan effect. It belongs to all of the people worldwide, and it is a common language of nations.

No wonder, music is one of he most important aspects of life. To my mind, both traditional and modern music have equal importance. In different situations we need different harmonic sounds. Music gives us sense of humanity and understanding other people.

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