Murphy’s 19 Laws for Manipal

transcript from manipal university

Ever wondered why Manipal is different?

Manipal 2020

  1. The amount of rain is directly proportional to your probability of forgetting the umbrella.
  2. The only question you will answer in class will be a rhetorical one.
  3. The light at the end of trees at Shenoys is crow crap.
  4. Manipal strikes.
  5. The lecturer will arrive early if you are late and late if you are early.
  6. There will always be that one teacher who hates you for no reason.
  7. If you score really high in exam don’t re-total it.
  8. Ordermaadi was a prank Manipal never got over.
  9. The chances of battery dying and the importance of the call are directly proportional.
  10. Every semester that one paper will be your heartbeat till the results.
  11. In case of umbrella – finders keepers losers weepers.
  12. The tiger circle tigers have never left. They are waiting for resurrection
  13. ManipalBlog is not in Manipal, its on the internet.
  14. 2 days before is too early to begin studying and 1 hour before it is too late.
  15. The hottest girl in the batch will be your best friend’s girlfriend.
  16. The chapter you thought you will cheat from your friend, is the same one he thought he will cheat from you.
  17. No it’s not inception. You didn’t study last night and you will flunk this paper. You are not walking up from any dream.
  18. That “no offence” is very much meant as offence. And finally ……
  19. Unfortunately no one can told where DOC is, you have to see it for yourself.


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