Crows at Shenoy’s Manipal announce cease-fire in the wake of exams; to stop cawing as well

In a major relief to the Medical students of Manipal, the crows at Shenoy’s announced cease-fire on passers-by for one month. They also promised to stop cawing loudly owing to the exam season.

These crows are notorious for dropping their ‘blessings’ generously on the students and cawing loudly, thereby disturbing the couples and others who come to have some peaceful time around Shenoy’s.

“We have observed the inconvenience faced by students because of our droppings. Since it is exam season, we decided to stop firing on them. We shall try not to caw loudly as well,” said Aradhya, the representative of crows.

Students have dreadful experiences near Shenoy’s because of crows. They generally use umbrellas to shield themselves from the droppings.

The move by crows has been welcomed by students but the anger against them remained the same. Recalling his embarrassing experience, one student John Ibrahim said, “It was my first date in Manipal. I was sitting on the kerb with my girl. It went well for some time and then suddenly I was blessed by these f**king goddamn creatures..I felt like shooting all of them. “Another student Sonia blamed these crows for her being late to an exam. “I was on my way to exam hall…The shit was dropped right on my head. Eventually, I was late to the exam by 15 minutes.”

She suggested putting up of scarecrows at the place to tackle the menace. But this proposal was met with opposition from another student Amit Singhal who also happens to be a bird-watcher. He said the crows have equal right to live there as anyone and it is unethical to kick them away from their abode.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?

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