Movie Review – Gravity

If there could be an antithesis of a movie title, this would be it. Gravity, which begins with three astronauts, one only with voice however, reduces to two in forty minutes and then for the rest of it features only the veteran Sandra Bullock. And for the whole of it barring the last five odd minutes, it happens where there is no gravity, in space.

Breathtaking visuals of the earth, the spaceship, the sunrise, the sunset as seen from space, capture your imagination right up front. Then the charming George Clooney (could be any other way anyway) captures the movie with his experienced, witty, and ‘devastatingly good looking’ (his lines again) astronaut. Right when a chemistry between a space scientist Ryan (Bullock) and the ‘driver’ Matt (Clooney) begins to build that Clooney’s character is lost in the nothingness of space. But the hope of his return is maintained.

And right from that moment it is Ryan all the way, battling a storm of space debris and her own stuck-up life. The battle of a lone survivor in adverse condition almost unimaginable for almost all of us (considering astronauts are a meager percentage), is the majority of the second half of the movie.

While excellent camerawork, technically sound graphics, have to be given great credit, the challenging role of performing while actually floating in the air must have been arduous for both the actors and the crew. For a survivor story, the movie is just perfect. It could as well be a

Alfonso Cuaron shows his genius in directing this movie with two veteran actors George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. For someone who proved his mettle in the third edition of magical Harry Potter, a space movie literally with a solo star is quite a shift and an excellent one at that. It will possibly sink much later that there was only one actor for the majority of the movie.

Watching it in 3D is an added advantage, but 3D or no 3D Gravity is the stuff Oscar nominated movies are made of. A new dimension altogether, a survivor both emotionally and physically, a superb supporting role, breathtaking visuals and technology, is what great movies are made of. And this is one of them.

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