Movie Review: Despicable Me “2” – More Minions, Worth every dime!

After the disastrous Man of Steel, I have to say, “What a respite!”

If you are a fan of Despicable Me, it is more than obvious that you will go head over heels for the minions and Despicable Me 2 has oodles of them.

Of course, I do not need to point it out to you… I will make it crisp and short.


Yes, the movie is worth every dime.

Gru is here. And the guy who stole the moon (and then put it back!) is now the James Bond coming to the save the world! And along with him come his girls Margo, Edith and the delightfully awesome Agnes. Well, every spy needs a girl, and so here comes Gru’s partner in crime (and passion) Lucy Wilde (voiced by the SNL alumni Kristen Wig).despicable-me-2-review

And then, there are the minions! (they deserve a standing ovation!)

The writers, directors and producers realised that the selling point of the first movie were those tiny, ovate and yellow henchmen-creatures and as a result, Despicable Me 2 is overflowing with doo-daa-daa, papoye, gelatos and bottoms! (If you get what I mean!) The trailers had already set the ball rolling, and we knew that the sequel will contain millions of minions doing what they do best! Making you laugh.


It is a laugh riot all over with their antics and actions. Minions now show us that not only can do any work that Gru gives them, but can PARTY as well. They are bonkers and they are perfect!

And let me add here that at no time do you ever feel overdosed.

The girls add their own layer to the story as Gru learns to be a better parent as his daughters grow up. We get the feel of a father who will always look at his daughter as if she is his little princess and no boy dare come close to her! There are those emotional moments which make go all mush inside. And emotions are not just limited to parenting here. Love is in the air Gru opens himself to the dating market! In walks Lucy as the perfect partner and like every other love story – it takes time but eventually the cupid strikes!

And the most terrific part of the movie (apart from the minions of course!) is the special effects. It leaves you dazzled and the 3D is so brilliant that you could touch it! Despicable Me 2 left me spell struck with its visuals.

But the movie is not perfect. It lacks the naturalism that the first movie had. And that is the only flaw. At some rare moments it feels a bit forced upon. The dialogues are not as strong as in the first movie. The script lacks the flow and the writers have used minions in many places to hold the plot together. But fortunately it has worked! May be I will not watch it a second time in the theater but I will definitely download it to cheer me up during those shady times.

So go watch it because the minions and the 3D will leave you awestruck. And don’t walk out with the rolling of the credits, ‘coz with minions around, there is always some more laughter ahead!

Despicable Me 2, reminded me of what a cartoon should really be like. I am a kid of the 1990s and we have seen the best in animation from Scooby Doo to Flintstones to the Toma and Jerry. And for the kid’s of today who are stuck on to the insensibility of Chota Bheem and Ben10, this movie shows what an animation should deliver. The quality of humor and the benchmark of visuals. It proves that laughter need never be slapstick. Yes it can be stupid… but it will still be sensible.


    • The independent had something interesting to say:

      “The film is a load of repetitive tosh, featuring in every sequence of
      its 143 minutes more special effects than God used when he created the
      world, ending with a list of credits longer than many a telephone
      directory. And it’s all so deafeningly, humourlessly solemn. The
      Saturday edition of the Guardian has a Q&A page where
      celebrities are asked: what superpower would you like to possess? They
      usually reply “invisibility” or “flight”. After a few more pretentious
      pictures like this they’ll be saying “vulnerability”, “honest doubt” and
      “a puzzled liberal conscience””

      The washington post says… ” it is an exceptionally unpleasant viewing experience”

      And as for me personally, i have been reading superman since i memory can date back.. then i jumped o justice league and when DC did a reboot, i came back to superman! a fan i found the movie quite a disaster.. big one too

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