Movie Review: Avengers – Infinity War

Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe, but this does put a smile on my face. – Thanos

Thor has had a crappy week if there was one. For a 1500 year old who’s probably never lost a battle, getting beat up many times over must have sucked! First he loses his father (spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok ahead) then gets to know he has a sister mad for universal domination, loses his hammer, his hair, gets beat up by Hulk, loses an eye, gets beat up by his big sister, sees his home planet explode, the gets attacked and left for dead by Thanos’ Warship in Avengers 3! Yeah, a start starkly different from the campy sunshine and rainbows Marvel has known to give us over the years.

10 years and 19 films that Iron Man kicked off way back in 2007, has brought us to this defining moment. This 149 minute film had everything built in the past decade torn down to bits, with large scale death and destruction that was reminiscent of a George RR Martin story. We’ve all experienced the teeth gritting when the big bad overcame the superheroes in the previous films but found ourselves smiling when the credits rolled only sitting because we knew there would be a post credit. The Russo Brothers ensured that didn’t happen here. By the time the credits rolled, a cataclysmic upset had just been pulled and we were left not knowing what to expect. It was a slap in the face of epic proportions!

Marvel is usually criticized for not translating moments from the comics religiously to the big screen; be it the standoff at the airport in Civil War, or the whole Mandarin mess (let’s all just forget about that, please) something that DC does exceedingly well, making the fans jump with glee; but the pace of this film despite is long run time and its constant jump from scene to scene, planet to planet with the ensemble of stories just weaving and fitting in with each other in a way that does not let your attention wander off. It’s probably Marvel’s closest on screen translation of a comic book. It’s not just a good comic book movie, it’s a good movie in itself!

With some delightful cameos, the film riddled with easter eggs, and the amazing ensemble the cast, the smooth direction, the story, the performances, the CGI is amazing and this is a definite worth watch in 3D before everyone starts spoiling it for you. And those who have already watched it remember, Thanos demands your silence!

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