Money Matters – But get Understanding

Money in Manipal

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live without money worries? To be creative, stress-free and peaceful? But we all know that we need money. Money is important for “money answereth all things”.

You can lose your peace of mind worrying about money. Not having money can make living extremely difficult to say the least. Sometimes it would seem as though the more you agonise about money, the more it seems to avoid you. Then there are those of us who have been blessed with more than enough, having to worry about multiplying and keeping it!

The challenge is to get a grip on understanding money so that you master it and it does not master you!
Money in Manipal
I went to work on this issue: learning to master money. To be balanced at all times. As you know, this is the area of my life that has given me the most challenges. So, of course, it has also given me the most lessons. The very fact that I can now discuss my money challenges is an indication that I have learnt some of the lessons. (I’m still working okay?)

It is the lack of money that is the root of evil. Without money I would feel paralysed and powerless. Honestly. When you don’t have it, you are always thinking about how you can get it!

If you are not careful, you can feel so desperate that you might end up doing things you know you should not do. I do not mean doing anything illegal. But it could be things that take up precious time that you could spend doing the thing that would probably generate the very money you’re wanting so much!

Every day, many of us get sick because of money stress. I know what I’m talking about. What this does is help to kill you faster. You collapse from worrying about the bills that need to be paid. The bills do not get paid and you have no money to pay the doctor bill. More stress!

We have guilty feelings about money issues. I know I did. I was ashamed about owing, borrowing. I used to think about money like it was so much bigger than I was. I felt if I didn’t have it, I could do nothing, go nowhere. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I do not need money to plan, prepare or pray! I do not need money to be happy, to love or be loved! I do not need money to speak abundance! When I turned my thinking around, speaking right and acting right about money, guess what? Freedom!

When I finally understood that you treat money with respect, put it in its proper place, as a tool to be used wisely, money things started to happen. When I did what I could to the best of my ability, and trusted God to do the best, boy am I blessed! In all kinds of wonderful, surprising, big and little ways!

When I finally woke up, the realisation that I had the ability to create order in my life first and foremost, things started to fall into place! When I’m tempted to worry about a bill being paid, and I do not have “visible money”, I repeat something that one of my favourite authors said: “I’m not broke, I’m temporarily out of cash!”

Yes, money matters! But in all of your getting, get understanding!

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