MIT Students Design Ferrari of The Future !!

Not quite… But they will be the first and only team from Asia to take part in an international racing competetion known as Formula SAE (FSAE). This event is a competetion for student designed racing cars, organised by the Society of Automotive Engineering and 140 teams from all over the world will be taking part. The Competetion is run by the Mechanical engeneering department and challenges the teams to design, build, test and race a small high performance racing Car.

The car designed by out very own Manipal Institute Of Technology (MIT) students has been give a trendy name – the FM-08. It weighs just 59 KGs and has an optimixed mild steel frame with TIG welding, CNC machining for bending processes among various other features. The competetion this year is being held in the land of the Ferrari’s – Italy.

So watch out guys… the next Ferrari may just be rolling out from MANIPAL!!!

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