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Whether you’re the type of person who wakes up at 6 AM, takes a bath, has breakfast and calmly walks to college for the first 8 AM class. Or the type of person who wakes up in a scramble at 7:40 and just leave everything and run, or… just decide that sleep is more important and just skip class all together. The hostel you choose will widely influence a number of your decisions and will also be your home away from home for the first year. As there will be many people telling you as to which hostel you should choose, here’s a block by block guide of all the hostels in MIT Manipal.


Block 5 & 6 (Seniors)

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This may just be the closest boys hostel to the MIT FC as well as the Academic Blocks themselves. Often regarded as the block with the best location it mainly consisting of Double or Triple sharing rooms with a common bathroom which is cleaned at least twice or thrice a day. This may pose an issue to some people in the beginning but they also get used to it in the first few weeks. Two of the oldest blocks, the are designed in the shape of a square with the buildings along the perimeter with a courtyard in the middle. They also have their own mess, known as the Adithya mess. These rooms are some of the cheapest of the hostels but worth it for all the night owls who struggle to get up for classes or breakfast. A TV room is present and has played host to legendary cricket and football matches where when surrounded by your friends, emotions run extremely high. There is no night canteen but most of the small restaurants in campus are present nearby so night time hunger pangs are easily taken care of.

Block 7 (Freshers)

This block is located right opposite Block 21 and is a just a few minutes away from the food court and about a 10 minute walk from the Academic Blocks. It mainly consists of non AC double rooms with attached bathrooms. The corridors are well ventilated but one downside is that the only water cooler present is on the ground floor much to the rue of the students on the top floor. The block is at an equal and opposite distance from the food court and Annapurna mess. One of the major positive factor is that the block is a stone throw away from the Apoorva mess which means that ordered food is always delivered hot.

Block 8 (Seniors)

Previously a girls hostel block, this one is a little way down the slope of the food court. The location may not be the most appealing factor of this block as it isn’t exactly perfect because of the distance to the Academic Blocks, but it is just a few minutes away from the food court. This block mainly consists of AC/non AC Double sharing rooms with an attached bathroom. The AC rooms are present on the ground floor and all rooms are spacious and also have slightly better furniture as compared to the previous blocks. A TV room is present in the block but it may or may not always be functional. Absence of a night canteen may be an issue for some but ordering from outside is always an option. A TT room is also present in the block and the WiFi connectivity is ranges from decent to good.

Block 9 & 10 (Seniors)

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The blocks which have every kind of room available, these 2 blocks boast of single, double attached and common bathroom rooms, they are located in their own corner of the campus, the Annapurna Mess is ideally placed just in between these 2 blocks. Also, the 10th Block said to be the 2nd largest hostel block in Asia! They have their own basketball court and, just in front is the football/ cricket field. The canteen nearby serves good food and the WiFi speeds you get largely depend on the distance from the router to your room. The only major disadvantages of these blocks are you have a a long 20 minute walk from the Academic area to these blocks only to have hot Non AC Rooms waiting for you.

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Block 14 & 15 (Seniors)

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In MIT, if you are able to get rooms in these 2 blocks then you have literally succeeded in your first year. These blocks consist of AC/ non AC single, double attached bathroom rooms with the 14th block having only AC rooms. An outstanding GPA is required to get a room in these blocks, the rooms are extremely well furnished. Cleaners come and clean the room thrice a week on average and the view room the top floors are a sight to behold. Probably the only block which has a night canteen that delivers directly to your room, these blocks are the magnum opus of the boys blocks. They may be a little far from the Academic Blocks, like a 15 minute walk at the max but a plethora of eating options are available with the Apoorva mess quite close by.

Block 16 & 17 (Freshers)

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The 2 blocks which play host to a majority of freshers,and are located at quite a distance from the Academic Blocks and the food court. They mainly consist of AC/ non AC single and double rooms with attached bathrooms. The furniture is quite new and the view from most rooms are legendary. The first few floors and the last few floors are AC while the rest are non AC. Multiple laundry agencies are available for washing clothes. Both blocks have a night canteen with snacks and coffee which are lifelines during end semester examinations. A new food court is being built right in front of the two blocks.

Block 18 (Seniors) 19 & 20 (Freshers)

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The 18th block is assigned for seniors and only consists of non AC single deluxe rooms ,while the 19th and 20th block assigned for freshers consists of AC/ non AC single deluxe rooms. These rooms have deluxe before them for a reason as they have good furniture and also a kitchen area and a bathroom which is shared by two rooms. They are the farthest away from the Academic Block with an approximate 20-25 minute walk but people can catch an auto from the 18th block back gate relatively easily for when running extremely late. These hostels are relatively small and the single room setup with two people sharing the kitchen area and bathroom gives you a sense of privacy while having a roommate. There is also a gym and a TT room in the hostel block itself.


MIT hostels are, certainly, one of the best hostels you’ll find around. These are comfortably furnished and will surely give you a close to home experience. Well, choosing the right hostel plays a fairly good role in making your first year’s stay a memorable and enjoyable one. We’ll guide you through the bundle of options available.

Blocks 1 & 2 (Freshers) 3 & 4 (Seniors)

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These are one of the older hostel blocks and are relatively low-priced. These blocks are the first four blocks you’ll spot on your way to the hostels, making them the closest-lying hostel blocks from the academic area (takes just two minutes), making it perfect for night owls who wake up 5 minutes late for an 8 am class. These blocks have well-ventilated, non-AC, triple-sharing and double sharing rooms with common bathrooms. The bathrooms are well kept and are cleaned thrice a day. Although the rooms lack great ambiance, one’s social life in these blocks will be at its peak as  they are situated right next to the road connecting the Academic Blocks and the food court.  The Ananya mess (pure vegetarian mess) is the mess common to the blocks 1 and 2 while the blocks 3 and 4 have the Asharya mess. On the other hand, the Food Court is always available and is a short distance away. There is a campus stores and a coffee shop, just outside Block 1, where the all-time favorite, Maggi noodles and pasta, fresh and hot are always available.

Block 11 (Freshers)

It is situated beside Block 12, and is at an equally great distance from the Academic Blocks, auto stand and the food court. This block has non AC single and double rooms with attached bathrooms and common bathrooms. The rooms are equipped with study tables, shelves and wardrobes (smaller ones compared to other hostels). The students in this block enjoy better WiFi facilities and faster download speeds compared to the people in block 12, who share the same router. The students of this block are free to use the Aradhna mess, badminton court and the basketball court of block 12. The block is well ventilated to help with those stuffy humid days.

Block 12 (Freshers)

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Nestled amidst greenery, this block is exclusively for freshers. It is located in the vicinity of Venugopal Temple, and it the farthest of all the girls hostels. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the Academic Blocks and is more then a stone throw away from the food court. The block has AC double-sharing rooms with an attached bathroom. The rooms are comfortable and have well-spaced wardrobes and shelves. The block has an attached mess called Aradhana that has the same menu as Food Court. The block also consists of a badminton and basketball court as well. These courts and the mess are also shared by the freshers in Block 11. The WiFi may not always be the reliable friend you consider it to be as it often fluctuates. A night canteen is also available, although the food may not be that great.

Block 13 (Seniors)

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Located on the road connecting the Academic Blocks and the food court, this block with its rooms and location is one of the best offered by Manipal for all its female students. The rooms available are AC/ non AC single and double with attached bathrooms. To make the block even more enticing, there is a campus store located right outside the block and it also offers a mess facility from Asharya or Ananya. There is a washing machine available on the every third floor. Considered to be the social equivalent to 14th blocks for boys, this hostel block also demands a pound of flesh for it amenities as it requires an amazing GPA to get in. The one downside to this block is that the WiFi may be a little faulty but in the days of Jio internet, it does not raise much of an issue.

Block 21 (Freshers & Seniors)

Better known as NLB (New Ladies Block), this blocks is pretty luxurious and is also some of the most expensive hostels. It is located smack dab in the middle of the campus just a few minutes walk away from the newly constructed Student Plaza. These block consists of AC/ non AC single deluxe rooms, in which two rooms are connected to a common kitchen area and a washroom. It takes around five minutes to reach food court and is a approximately 10 minutes away from the Academic Blocks. The rooms on the ground floor are air-conditioned while rest of the rooms on the other four floors are non AC rooms. Suitable for introverts, these types of rooms give you the a sense of privacy while having a roommate just next to you. The rooms are comfortable and well furnished with large size beds and a soft board and a white board provided beneath the shelves. The non AC rooms may get slightly stuffy during the end of even semester. The block doesn’t have a night canteen but there are a number of small eateries present relatively nearby. The block being a deluxe one has a well equipped gym, TV room, and a beautiful garden in front of it.

Block 22 (Freshers & Seniors)

Straight outta manipal: mit campus hostel guide 10

This is the recently constructed block which offers top notch facilities. It is located right next to the 21st Block, and stands tall right next to the newly constructed student plaza. This block is extremely close the food court and auto stand and it is a mere five minute walk to the Academic Blocks. AC double rooms with an attached bathroom are available to all residing students. Being newly constructed the rooms are extremely well furnished with a change in decor on every floor. The WiFi speeds are good unless you’re extremely unlucky and have a room away from the router. The block has good amount of space left all around it and a few trees in front of it, which won’t mind giving shade to the gossip lovers.

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