Mirror Mirror On The Wall- Entry no 11(Paranormal Romance)

Everybody knows that everybody dies.

But death is not always the ending.

She looked at him, and he looked back, as always. She yearned to truly touch him, but it could never happen as long as she was alive.

She reached out and caressed the mirror surface. He did the same. He always did the same. She smiled, because she had forgotten for a minute he was her mirror image, not in “image”, but in action, doomed to imitate her.

She got up and brought something back. She had to unite with him. If this was the way, then so be it.

For a second, something flashed silver in the light. Then it was almost over.

He looked down at her, face contorted in pain, but of course, he was still her mirror image.

Her face was contorted in pain, crimson blood on her hands. The blade slowly slipped from her grip and she slid to the floor, smiling now, despite the pain, because she was finally going to meet him.

Disconnected thoughts flashed past in her mind.

Buying the old house.

The gilded mirror standing in the corner. Seeing him in it.

Scared. So scared.

Then, curious.

Conversations. Mirror-image conversations. Frustrating, yet fascinating.

Sleepless nights in front of the ornate mirror.

His face, beautiful, serene, and sad.

Realising that she was in love. With him. The One In The Mirror. A ghost cursed to a doomed existence.

And now, she was in his arms. He was holding her, kissing her, crying and laughing, no more her mirror image. She looked up at him, reached out and touched his face.

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