Millions of Rupees stolen as Students Busy Confessing in Manipal

In what is considered by the Manipal police as a crime of opportunity, it was discovered today evening that over 2 Million rupees worth of goods were stolen from the Student hostels and residences in this university town. Despite the students being in their rooms all the time and being awake,  thieves made off with the 80,000 items including  mobile phones, jewellery, laptops, television sets and refrigerators among other items sometime between the hours of midnight and 6am.

Police are saying that this is an inside job of people who knew exactly what to steal and when to steal the same. They are blaming the students for being negligent of their surroundings while surfing online and posting and reading random confessions anonymously.

A police official said: “The town was completely peaceful about midnight last night as our team patrolled the streets. By dawn this morning we started receiving hundreds and thousands of  complaints of stolen mobiles and laptops as the students began ready to leave for college. Unfortunately it seems that the rooms were not locked securely and the students were engrossed in their laptops/mobiles as such were an easy target for thieves.”

“Unfortunately these kind of opportunistic thefts are all too common in Manipal these days and we always knew there would be an increase when these students neglect repeated instructions from University authorities as well as police. ” The official also speculated that insiders, probably friends of the students were behind the theft – “obviously as friends they have a good motive. Jealousy at the confessions may have played a big role.” he said.

‘This was an audacious, well planned and meticulously orchestrated robbery,’ he said , ‘and we think the thieves could strike again. These are highly intelligent, well-informed thieves at the top of their game and at this stage we can’t rule out an attempt. Meanwhile we urge all students to lookout for confessions of the robbery on Facebook and other Confession sites.’

ManipalBlog will keep you updated of the latest happenings in this particular case as and when a breakthrough appears.

Meanwhile we at ManipalBlog would like to confess that all the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you? 

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