Memories Visiting – Sudipta Chakravarti


Memories visiting - sudipta chakravarti 1There was shining sea on my side,

crystalled by the gems from the sky,

sun played with it’s rays all around,

and, it made a fairy sight.


As I sat on the shore,

tired with life’s chores.

Out and in, thoughts ran

my mind seeking some place to be calm.


Childhood memories flashed me back,

to the time when I sat on my parents’ lap

no worries, no labels

just out from a cradle,

crayons, dolls, chocolates and teddies

were enough to make one merry

playing with a cute sibling

what else do you want from this living

Each time the doorbell rang,

up my heart would have sprang

for if my dad would have been there,

a hug, a chocolate and a ride followed me here.

Every night , when dreams came close,

mom would sit n sing a prose,

from a lullaby, heard many times

but still seemed so new , so melodious every time

Right now sitting on the sand,

I wish the sands of time,

had not slipped off too soon,

now I realise it was such a boon.
A phase, not be relived again,
but remembered and cherished
every once in a while.
Tormented by a busy life,
hundreds of thoughts scurrying around,
All I wish for now , is home.
A wish , unfulfilled, long gone…. 

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