When Medical Students Diagnose Themselves

It’s important to arrive at a diagnosis from the symptoms the patient gives and the signs which a doctor finds. The diagnosis is very important for treatment. As medical students, others ask doubts about their aches and pains. At a point of time, everyone has tried to help them or try to ask further questions like how we usually speak with the patients in the hospital. It will be very relieving if you stay in the dark and not know the possible diagnosis which some medicos give.Hypochondriasis Diagnosis

I was having a terrible cough, which I get often. I didn’t care visiting a doctor since it reduced on medication, rest and avoiding contact with dust, smoke etc. Since that didn’t happen, the cough wouldn’t go away. One day, my friend ‘A’ got so irritated and said “If you cough a lot, you will have uterine prolapse.” I was shocked and couldn’t say anything because all I could do is cough at that time. By the way, old, weak ladies are the ones who usually get a uterine prolapse and things like that. “You know my friend’s mom had cough like this, she didn’t go to doctor and then she died” I got really scared and visited the doctor. It was a simple allergy as usual and I was loaded with cough syrups and antihistamines.
One of my friend ‘B’ was ill, she was feeling breathless, had cough and congestion. Since we knew the doctor really well, he asked for a diagnosis and my friend ‘A’ who accompanied us said “Tuberculosis” before I could stop her. The doctor was shocked “Tuberculosis??? She has bronchitis” he said.

Another friend of mine, ‘C’ was asked about the reason for earache by her cousin and the conversation went like this;
C.:Did you pour water in your ear?
C:Did you poke your ear with a pencil or pen?
And ‘C’ asked one of her friend for help and she suggested perforation.
C.:It might be perforation.
Cousin.:What’s that?
C.: It means…. There is a hole in your ear.

I was down with fever one day and was texting my friend ‘A’.

Me: I didn’t got for posting… Fever.
A.:What other symptoms do you have?
Me:My head feels weird and body ache suggestive of fever. Why do you want?
A.:I can diagnose.
Me:Pleaasseee don’t… I don’t have tuberculosis….

About the Author: Sara Showkath Ali is a third year student at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.

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