MCOPS student slaps his MIT friend for taking him to Pentagram concert

In a shocking incident,a student of MCOPS slapped his friend from MIT for taking him to Pentagram concert.The incident took place in front of MIT gate in presence of many onlookers.

The latter promised him that good hindi songs from movies like Om Shanti Om, Bachna O Haseeno etc. will be played at the gig, but when the band didn’t play any of them even after one hour, the MCOPS student got irritated and walked out of gig. When the MIT student tried to convince him to stay,he slapped him.

MANIPAL!!!! You brought the noise tonight!

“F*** it!! He ruined my Saturday by bringing me to this gig. I thought of going to Blues and have a nice time there,” rued the MCOPS student.

We spoke to the MIT student after he got slapped.He said,”I didn’t fucking have any idea of Pentagram before. So when I learnt that Vishal Dadlani was a part of it, I expected some good hindi songs as well. So, I got my MCOPS friend to the gig…I really feel sorry for him. I can understand his anger.”

On Saturday,Pentagram, where famous Bollywood music director Vishal Dadlani is a lead member, performed at MIT Quadrangle as a part of the college cultural fest Revels. Many students expressed happiness at witnessing Vishal Dadlani perform live in Manipal.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  

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