MB Detective Case 3: Who is the Liar ?

The Manipal Departmental store has been robbed by ONE person. Four suspects have been arrested. The four suspects are Arun, Binni, Chinmaya and Daljit. The statements were recorded by the police and everyone was flummoxed.

YOU were called as a help in the case. The suspects are just repeating the same statements again and again.

Arun said “Binni did it.”

Binni said “Daljit did it.”

Chinmaya said “I didn’t do it.”

Daljit said “Binni lied when she said I did it.”

Now we know why the police were flummoxed.

Hint: Only one of them is being untruthful.

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  1. Its a lil complicated….I will ve to reD it twice before it makes sense to me!..:D

    • Ya I know! This wasn’t a descriptive type..! More like a logic question..! anyway best of luck for d next time! 🙂

  2. The answer is BINNI. Well done @facebook-1121962627:disqus  @626665fcdaa1292890b994c0ea3f134b:disqus  @e851222d9aa8158e1926bec690cb6952:disqus  @drvishaalbhat:disqus ! 🙂 @19e7835d209e847a514a8ac669748977:disqus  No! Refer to the explanation below! Nice try and better luck next time :)Explanation:

    If Arun lied, then the statements made by Binni and Daljit
    contradict each other, so Arun cannot be the liar.

    If Chinmaya lied, then, again, the statements made by Binni and Daljit
    contradict each other, so Chinmaya cannot be the liar.  At this point you
    should be able to see that the key to the puzzle is in the contradictory
    statements made by Binni and Daljit.

    If Daljit lied, then the statements made by Arun and Binni cannot both be true
    (assuming only one person was guilty).

    Therefore we are left with only one option.

    If Binni lied when he accused Daljit, then Arun could truthfully be saying that
    Binni did it, Chinmaya could truthfully deny being involved, and Daljit could
    truthfully claim that Binni wrongfully accused him.

    Since Arun was telling the truth when he accused Binni, Binni is guilty. – Tanmay (Admin)

  3. Chinmaya is guilty here.

    A thief, at first, doesn’t accuse anyone…he/she just tries to think positive….’I didn’t do it’ is more satisfying than ‘I know I did it’

    Anyone else tries to put the balme on someone else…because they themselves are tryin to speculate…

    Binni’s statement…I think is just to confuse the readers…

    Thus the culprit is Chinmaya

  4. its probably Daljit as how would he know binni is blaming him? only the person who is guilty is afraid of being named by others

  5. it probably is Daljit as how would he know that Binni is blaming him? only the person who is guilty is scared of being named by others 

  6. ‘Binni’ robbed the store coz if we consider binni’s statement to be unthruthful, all other statements fit in!

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