Marriage For All

There is nothing wrong with being gay. It may be gross according to our social customs, and it may violate your religion, but in New Guinea natives eat spiders for protein, and pretty much anyone that worships differently violates your religion.

First of all, denying gays the right to be married is discrimination. Moving into the twenty-first century, we should be learning to accept and embrace people for their differences. America has worked so hard to come to this age without the heavy discrimination embedded in government and society, so why should we go back in time to deny the rights of others?

Some people in of same-sex marriage say that same sex marriages will defame the sanctity of marriage. First of all, I would like to ask where is this sanctity of marriage? Half of all American families have suffered from divorce. If there is a 50% rate of divorce in America, what are people marrying for? Obviously it?s money, sex and keeping up with the Jones?. It seems to me that gays are marrying for more of the right reasons.

Another argument that the same? people use is that heterosexual marriages are better for children than having gay parents.

I would rather have two parents of one sex than a single parent from the divorce of a heterosexual marriage. I also have a friend back in California that has gay dads. I hope you can trust me in saying that he is very heterosexual.

I?m not sure if being gay is from social conditions or if they are just born with this certain disposition for the same sex, but I do know that my friend is not going to shack up with a man.

Plus, gay parents have to adopt to have kids. This brings children from poverty stricken homes to better, more stable living conditions. One of my cousins that lived in Los Angeles had parents that were heroin addicts. For two days he was locked up in his room without food. Luckily the Child Protection Services came and brought him to an orphanage where he was adopted by my grandmother. My friend with the gay parents was an El Salvadorian adopted from south central Los Angeles. What I am trying to say is a lot of heterosexual couples are shooting out babies with no sense of responsibility. Gay couples do not have their own children, and instead take the orphaned ones into good homes.

Legalizing gay marriage will also help stop the spread of STD?s like the HIV virus. One child every minute dies from AIDS. It?s only logical that if a gay person was to get married, they would have fewer (if any) partners.

I don?t understand why people get so worked up over gay marriage. Let them get married, then they can understand why America has a 50% divorce rate.

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