ManipalBlog Photo of the Week : Seven Sins

"Greed - Humans are not the only ones." by Sajith M

As part of our weekly photo contest for our Wordless Wednesdays feature, we presented our Facebook followers with the theme – “The Seven Sins”. We received an interesting response to the theme with 16 photosof interpretations and art work. Take a look at the collage, to know of the various entries and the ways the theme was interpreted!

Seven Sins
“Six things the Lord hateth, and the seventh His soul detesteth.”


We were not judging the photos for techniques but for the perspectives and the photographer’s idea about the topic. The thought involved in the picture and most importantly, was anything new captured.

The theme of this weeks contest was “The Seven Sins”. We received photographs telling stories of greed, wrath, lust and gluttony. Greed seemed to be the most common of the cardinal sins. We had got various views on the theme, from want of food (Gluttony) to want of money (Greed) to a sleeping cat (Sloth).

As can be ascertained from the quality of the photographs, we had a real tough time deciding on the photo of the week. We finally decided to go with a photo that was unique and had a new perspective.

So the Photo of the week on 27.6.2012 is “Greed – Humans are not the only ones” by Sajith M from TAPMI, Manipal. We found this photo not only brilliantly portrays the existence of organisms which may be beyond our immediate perception, but may be living and dreaming just as we are.


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“Greed – Humans are not the only ones.” by Sajith M


Thank you all for participating. Till next week then. Ciao!!

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