16 Manipal Sayings that hit the Mark!

Manipalites run on heavy-DeeTee batteries.

1.  Manipal is close to my heart. Closer to my liver. If you know what I mean….

2. Medical college girls in Manipal are the most gorgeous. Don’t believe me? KM C yourself #pun

3. Tip for MIT Freshers: Screaming MIGHTY MIGHTY MIT won’t impress KMC girls.

4.  Sikkim Manipal University sent a Rakhi band to its older sibling Manipal University from its Delhi center. But the courier guys reportedly took it to Sikkim.

5. Life is here at Manipal University, where are you? 😛

6. Dear girl, are you Manipal? Because even though you act pricey, you are totally worth it. #PickUpLine

7. ManipalBlog.com is not the biggest troll in Manipal. It is the weather.

8. Is Manipal an unmarried lady? Because I keep seeing ‘Miss Manipal’ as statuses on social networks.

9. A daring & dashing lady called ‘Manipal’ decides to marry. She got proposals from Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau and Goa. But she settled for Mangalore.

10. I first met my girlfriend at Blue Waters over a peg of Old Monk. Are we ‘RUM ne bana di jodi’?

11. Coming to Manipal from Bangalore feels like jumping into a boiler from cooler. #weather

12. Satya Suri, a BE degree holder from MIT Manipal, says girls from MCODS are more beautiful than KMC girls. He must be right because “Beauty lies in the eye of BE-holder.”

13. Dear girl at End Point,
Seems like you are basking in the beauty of nature
So is the mysterious leopard
To be safe, do you fancy the company of this shepherd?

14. Some managers complain that Manipalites are too demanding. Yes, we Manipalites run on heavy-DeeTee batteries.

 Manipalites run on heavy-DeeTee batteries.
Manipalites run on heavy-DeeTee batteries.

15. Dear freshers with status “mah lyf mah ruleezz..f**k yeahhh”, how many of your rules are ratified by Manipal University so far?

16. Dear people working at “Not Yet working!! I am stIli StUdYing!! Hehe im still Youth”, what’s the annual turnover of your company?

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