Manipal Recruitment hopes Rise as recession recedes

From an article in am Plus –

The market slowdown has affected branches of every industry including education. The scenario does sound horrible, but, the truth just got sweeter. Many students complain recessions voiding them the growth and a job tat they deserve, bu the other side of the fence still remains greener with a few colleges absolutely not affected by the economic slow down and students have dream jobs in their hands.

Eighteen months of economic slowdown has reached its saturation point at selected institutions, whereas others are still stressed about the consequences of the same. Suhan Mendon, Placement In-Charge and Senior Lecturer, Manipal Institute of Management, said

“We haven’t assured our students 100 percent placements because what’s coming next is still a mystery. The scenario certainly looks better than last year and we’re hoping more placements this time, but as of yet, there isn’t any guarantee. The corporate scenario is so moody that it’s left us all clueless”.

Be it communication or management, the campus selection process at Manipal colleges has been definitely bothered by the recession in the United States; it’s only a few who benefit from the niche market that they belong and cater to.

Fortunately the students of Manipal Institute of Technology are no longer living in misery and are in high spirits, with firms like TCS recruiting 300 students and then Infosys mopping up another 170 students. The placement committee even during recession has managed to drag the best corporate firms like Phillips, Cisco among others to recruit fresher’s.

“We fortunately aren’t very affected by recession and enjoy a good reputation in the field of technology. Both 2008 and 2009 have been carefree years for MIT when recruitments are considered,”

said A. Vittaleshwar, Assistant director and Industrial placement Liaison.

Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Management (WGSHM) , Manipal, remains one of the few institutes unaffected by recession as much as the others. “Almost all my seniors got placed and we have the best hotels coming down o Manipal and offering us jobs. We believe in ‘if you are good, you have the job” which is completely true in the sector we belong to”, said a student at the WGSHM.

The dependence on college has drastically reduced amongst the students who simply believe in being the best in whatever they do and have their own ways to excel. In spite of their colleges succeeding in maintaining a good placement record they personally look to maintain a better profile above all. Students keep working hard on their projects and are applying to many universities abroad for internships. Even knowing that their colleges shall allot a good internship placement, they want the best for themselves, hence are not overconfident and do not take it easy.

Whatever be the situation, the hassle still awaits the student till the time the are placed in a reputed firm and look back to student life as an investment rather than a waste.

This article first appeared in the am plus newsletter dated January 30th 2010.

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