Manipal in a Word.

165143 188925701123019 100000167720422 738019 553251 nMy Uncle asked me to sum up first year in Manipal, in a word. I did so…and the chaos in my mind that ensued !

Quirky.  It isn’t like 7.88 is exceedingly good or frightfully low, that practically sums up the first year at MIT. No ! It is NOT a party place . And again No! It is NOT good enough to drop a year for . . . Rumours and Rankings, so ambiguous, equivocal and misleading,  though I wouldn’t quite know about the abortions (ahem ahem).It’s just one of those places, where the YIN and the YANG are there simultaneously, striking a beautiful balance. It’s like a fast forwarded version of life itself. What you give is what you get ( I can almost feel that Nine pointer smirking at me!) . Manipal has given me my fair share of quandaries and plights along with the most wonderful friends and hence to just equate them as dedicated engineers would.

Manipal Bug+ BET back+ Chemistry+ The all NEW warden+8 o clock class . . .  = Brilliant Friends +Night- outs + All-nighters + Revels+ DT + Gokarna  . . . Kinda Equates out pretty well eh?

Well, more than just the Gpa or friends or knowledge, what I came to cherish is the memories, the wonderful experiences…If you haven’t spent the night before the sessionals with your nose deep in a book AND you haven’t spent the subsequent day , semi drunk on a beach after pilfering mangoes from a teachers’ house, then well,  maybe you got 9.5 but I still ended up more satisfied. At least on my terms,  yes. And jokes apart, believe me when I tell you, clearing a subject with 15 internals is far more gratifying  than an A+ and yet again, the feeling when you go directly from to , to book your tickets to go take an exam is excruciating.

Yes, I have my  family, friends, movies, etc…But Manipal (and its bland food court ) has its own flavour. It’s not good or bad or dreary as such, it’s just quirky. . . Still a long way before I can assert that I have “ been there, done that “ but these memoirs of people hammering my door since they don’t have toothpaste and refuse to buy one,  will stay with me forever.

PS – I’ll be really grateful if the person, who stole the left one of my blue converse, returns it. What CAN you do with one shoe??  haha

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