MANIPAL BUG to be the mascot of Techtatva 2011


In what could be one of the inimitable mascots of a tech-fest, MANIPAL BUG has been chosen as the mascot of TECHTATVA 2011, the annual tech-fest of MIT, Manipal. It was

Manipal bug to be the mascot of techtatva 2011 1

unveiled here on Friday at a function held in Library Auditorium of MIT, which was attended by important dignitaries of MIT.

Manipal Bug’ is a popular name for ‘Blister Beetle’ in the university town of Manipal. It haunts the residents of the town as it causes scars and blisters on the skin when came into contact, sometimes leaving permanent dark marks.

Explaining the rationale behind choosing Manipal bug as mascot, Vakshi Sharma, Convener of Techtatva 2011,said,”To us Manipalites, Manipal bug is a part of our college life. There is no end to rumors and speculations about this it. To put it in a nutshell, it is an elusive celebrity in here. Its selection as the mascot is purely based on visceral feeling, not a logical one. We hope that under the ‘mascot-ship’ of Manipal bug, Techtatva will scale new heights this year.”

Various units of Techtatva are already in tacit competition to incorporate Manipal bug into their posters as creatively as possible. Team AAVISHKAR drew the first blood by dangling a huge flexi poster  to the bridge connecting Innovation Centre and NLH. The poster bears a bulb, but no mascot. Explaining the logic behind this design the event head Shardul said,”Like many insects, Manipal bug too is attracted to light. So, the presence of bulb indicates that it is meant to attract the bug towards it. We hope, the bug swarms over it very soon.”

 Meanwhile, Megha, Sponsorship head of Techtatva 2011,in a press release, said that ,”We are glad to inform that ‘Burnol’ has evinced interest in sponsoring Techtatva 2011 after coming to know of our mascot Manipal bug. They said that ‘burnol’ could provide temporary relief from the blisters caused by the bug  and felt that their brand gets more visibility in the fest which has Manipal bug as its mascot .We are extremely thankful to the company and more importantly, Manipal bug.”

So far the mascot has received tremendous response in the campus. Students thronged the small marquee at Kamath Circle where a dead Manipal bug was exhibited by Team Techtatva. Due to heavy jostling over there, Campus Patrol had to intervene and disperse the over enthusiastic crowds.

 P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, didn’t you?




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