It’s time to get a haircut you will love

You arrive at your neighborhood hairdresser Perth in need of a new hairdo. You are excited to change your style and achieve that “just left the salon” look. But once the stylist is finished, you are less than pleased. Nothing is right with your cut. It’s too short, too layered, too choppy — it’s just plain bad.

In 2013, avoid a hairy situation by doing some prep work. Have an idea of what you want done to your locks. Cut out photos from magazines; look through old pictures to pinpoint styles you liked and didn’t like. Decide how much or how little you want cut off. Consider the style: Do you want a classic cut like a short bob or something more that’s more modern, such as a choppy look?

When you’re ready to take the plunge, communication is key. Discuss what you want done and what the stylist plans to do so you are clear on both what will and won’t get snipped. Be sure to discuss what you like and don’t like about your current cut as well as past cuts. (Feel free to bring in those snapshots of old cuts.) Tell the stylist about your color history (if you have one), how you maintain your hair and what products you use. Show the stylist what you found in magazines to demonstrate how you envision your coiffure. A good stylist can assess if you can re-create the same look.

It’s your hair, so speak up. If the stylist suggests something you don’t want, voice your opinion. If the cut is done and you hate it, say how you feel. Sure, your friends may like it, but your viewpoint matters most. But once you find a hairdresser you trust, consider putting the cut in their hands and giving them a little freer reign. By taking such risks, you may end up with a style you never even thought would look good on you.

Follow these tips, and hopefully in 2013 when you get a cut, you will look like you just stepped out of a salon and not a horror flick!

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