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This is my first post so I thought I would start off by introducing myself a little before I pour my heart out. .

Well, my name is Bulbul and I m currently in the 3rd year of engineering, pursuing Information Technology at MIT, Manipal. Since this is my first post on The Unofficial Manipal University Blog I thought I would start off by talking about Manipal. And this has come at a very right time.

Manipal University is well known and highly reputed, especially for those who stay outside India. MU seems like the perfect option for NRI parents who wish for their children to study in India for undergrads. My parents were no different. . After having found out about all the universities and colleges across India, MU seemed to be the best option both in terms of studies and in terms of the facilities that were available. Also considering the fact that Manipal is a very aesthetically appealing place only gave it more thumbs up.

So here was I three years ago all set to start a new life. It was fun at first. I was all set to experience a different atmosphere and to be back in India. Life after a few days. however, wasn’t so rosy. The studies here and abroad is completely different in every respect, right from the way sciences are taught to the way you are asked to answer the questions. First year was tough to say the least. Being surrounded by classmates and friends who almost always knew what was going on in classes didn’t help much either. Things continued. Life went on. And here I am today,  in third year. Life is a little easier now but still not a piece of cake. Everyday comes with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Had I written this post about a month back I honestly would not have much to say about Manipal. But one weekend is all it took for me to see something. Something that I had taken for granted. Something I knew existed but never knew what it felt like till I experienced it. .

This weekend I happened to take part in a Fest at a college in Tamil Nadu. I am not going to name the college for obvious reasons but after spending a weekend there trust me Manipal is Heaven. It was shocking to say the least when I saw the rules that have been enforced on the students in that University. In fact I was saddened more than shocked to be quite honest and for once I appreciated Manipal even more. There would be way to many things to mention that go wrong in this certain college. But I shall refrain. I do not wish to talk about them.

So there is something that I would like to share with my fellow readers. Nothing is perfect in this world.  Nothing ever will be but the one who makes an attempt to get there first is a winner. Manipal is one place that comes with its pros and cons. However Manipal is undoubtedly the best university in India not because of the obvious reasons that people might expect me to list out like good education standards etc. It is the choices that Manipal offers or rather the freedom to make the choices. Manipal is one place that teaches you something everyday.Of course it is up to you to make the choices. However at the end of the day Manipal will be most certainly a very important chapter of your life and it will contribute to a lot of what you will be for the many years to come.

Sometimes it is important to experience the difference in order to appreciate something rather than just acknowledging  its existence. So for this very first post all I would like to say is-

Keep your Eyes Open. There is a lot to see and experience in this little place called Manipal. You never ever know when you might just fall in love with it. 🙂


  1. Great start Bulbul! A fresh perspective on Manipal was needed. And to realise the freedom Manipal gives, can be realised only when one comes in contact with the situation in colleges, elsewhere in India. I have experienced first hand the stifling rules and restrictions of studying in one such college, and when I came to Manipal, It was a heavenly feeling of relief!!

  2. Welcome Bulbul to The Unofficial Manipal University Blog. Was watching you edit the post online, and it was a treat to see how your mind worked editing an re-editing the sentences. Noticed, that it took you almost an hour to come up with the final version. Appreciate the effort you put in!!

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