Mangalore’s Ultimate Jalebi Destination!

It was Such a Beautiful Sunday Noon, we decided to go Hunting for some Good Street Food, and this is what we found!!

Presenting to You Hungry Folks “KRISHNA BHEL HOUSE!” Opp.Central Market, Mangalore.

Krishna Bhel House started about a decade or two ago as a road side stall and today has boomed soo much that it is a full-time crowded restaurant.

Shri Krishna Bhelpuri House
Shri Krishna Bhelpuri House

As the name suggested we thought the Bhel Puri must be good here and we ordered Bhel Puri and also Masala Puri…

Of course it was one of the Yummiest and beautifully spiced Bhel’s that we ever had.

Bhel and Masala Puri
Bhel and Masala Puri

But then we also came to know that this place is even more Famous for its Jelebi’s..soo famous that they sell atleast 6-10kgs off every hour and people literally Q-up for them in the evening..

Yummy hot Golden Jalebis
Yummy hot Golden Jalebis

We went ahead and ordered one!!! It was just soo soo Yum…Hot, Crispy and Drippy Golden they were, we ended up having about 6 each!! Its really a must try!!

The Dhoklas too here are just too good!!

Krishna Bhel House functions from 4 every evening and the Jalebis here are just a Must Try..

Too much Euphoria, Too orgasmic!!


Stay Hungry Folks!!

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