Mangalore’s Solutions to Your Every Famished Need – Part 4

Now that you’ve had your fine dinners and hearty meals, and casually snacked your way around Mangalore. Not to mention the sweet desserts and treats after the meals; time for a list of places to hang out in the modern style. For the man who loves his scotch, to the vodka ladies; or even for a non-alcoholic to chill, party or hang out with friends, here’s what Mangalore has to offer.

DV8 Lounge MangaloreDV8 Lounge

The shady place in Empire Mall – wouldn’t recommend this(quite shady) especially for girl…but for a casual boy’s evening out, it’s worth a try, especially for cheaper drinks.

Hi Bar

thumb419_HI_BAR It’s the new happening site and hang out arena. The crowd is huge esp on Saturday nights, so you may want to make your orders all in one go, but a cool place to hang out or in. Above Mainland China, Kankanady.      




                                 G6 Music Café

logos1-272x300Located next to and in association with Mangala Bar and restaurant, G6 is a calm quiet place with decent music. Wednesday Night Karaoke Nights are good, decent ambience, pretty good food.  




Shimmers – Hotel Maya International

Nice DJ, dark and chilled out place; though sometimes a little shady, tends to make the ladies uncomfortable. The space is quite small too.

slide-1-680x400Cafe Mojo’s – In Goldfinch Hotel – Sports Bar

Quite happening, decent music and good food and drinks. Quite systematic and orderly with a card system in place and all and a non-smoking policy, with a separate area for smokers. Worth a try. 


276872_153684254719388_1765436128_n  Liquid Lounge

One of Mangalore’s most famous. Decent hang out for drinks or meals. Known for its same music playlist and convenient location…located near Milagres area.


Pulse / Beer Factory – Near LL

Decent hang outs, again sometimes the crowd tends to be shady especially at night. They have pool at pulse though…that’s good.


The Jazz Bar – in Ocean Pearl

Aqua_logo The hang out for the classy folk, with it’s old fashioned setting and design, it’s a nice hang out spot, though a little tight on the wallet. Music is pretty nice at times.



The London Street

Recently opened new site, located conveniently within city center mall, it has a typical western setting and a great ambiance. With an outdoor balcony area and an indoor stylish setting, it’s a nice place to chill. BUT check your bank account twice first, because it is not easy on the money.


So, that concludes the lounging and chilling sites in and around Mangalore; so get some friends together and go have a good time. This also marks the conclusion to the 4 Part collection on Mangalore’s solutions to your every famished need.

Go out there now, enjoy Mangalore and Bon Appetite!

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