Mangala Stadium

The cool breeze which passes around you can do wonders to your well-being. The wonder a walk can do when you are stressed out and need to get rid of negative thoughts is a thing you can keep pondering on. There is an awesome place for walking, just for one’s happiness and for fitness freaks too. One such place is Mangala Stadium.a

      The Mangala Stadium is a public sports and athletics stadium located in the heart of Mangalore City. It is managed by Karnataka State Department of Youth Affairs and Sports. This also has various sports facilities adjacent to the stadium, which includes a swimming pool with 5 lanes and a gymnasium. There is a vacant ground adjoining the stadium which is used for various sporting as well as non-sports related events such as trade fairs, carnivals, commercial expositions and other cultural events. It is one of the largest stadiums in Mangalore and the favorite location for all exhibitions including the annual “Karavali” fest. The stadium is at least 30 years old and over the course of time it has become a centre for athletic activity in Mangalore.r

I have been here when we had been training for our Inter-Mahe Athletics event. The whole stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 20,000 where you can sit and watch events going on in the field. I ran three laps for warming up and it felt awesome to remember the strength in my legs and how much I love running. The outer periphery of the ground must roughly be around 500 metres. There is a sand pit at the side where we practiced long jump. There are people all around the ground walking, jogging irrespective of their ages. In the middle of the stadium there is a grass field where we did our stretches and German Drill. There are facilities for major track events such as a running track, long jump, shot put, javelin, discus and a hammer-throw cage. The most wonderful thing about this place is that everyone go about their work and leave you in peace. I love this place and often go running here just savoring every moment.    youthfood

The stadium had been used last year for hosting the 17th National Youth Festival organized by the Department of Youth Affairs. The stadium had been filled with food stalls from all the states of India and also had a performance by the Band “EUPHORIA”. euphoriaThis event had gained popularity particularly with youth thriving in Mangalore and nearly 90% turning up and the remaining consisted of residents here. We sang the songs to our hearts content and danced with enthusiasm leaving the band touched by our gesture. It was one of the best nights I have experienced here.

fair Another time, my friends and I had been to a “Consumer Fair “held here where there were numerous stores promoting their business. This gathered lots of people mainly as it had rides like Giant Wheel, Columbus, Twisters, Roller Coasters and some rides like the Train and Carnival for kids. The “Jumbo Circus” had also hosted its event here. This still continues to be the most popular stadium in Mangalore.

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