Making New Leaders – MAHE Toastmasters Installation Ceremony

Passing the torch from stalwarts that were the backbone of a club to new members who are to carry forward the legacy is a rich tradition. A proud moment for all as they see the juniors with whom they worked with receiving the baton and take the club to new heights. MAHE’s Toastmasters Installation Ceremony took place earlier this week which saw one more such ceremony with the next generation of leaders ready to paint their names in the annals of history!

In Picture: TM Felix | Picture by Aishwarya Sharma

Toastmasters International is an international body headquartered in the US with the primary purpose of promoting communication and public speaking skills. Started in 1924, the club has had over four million members over all these years, and the Chapter at MAHE aims to cater mostly the students and staff to help them develop speaking skills that will help them out for the rest of their lives.

The event hosted by TM Felix was graced by the Vice-Chancellor of MAHE, Dr. H Vinod Bhat, the Chief Guest. The event opened up with a beautiful prayer dot at 6:00 pm, followed with the lighting of the auspicious diya, after which the host named the outgoing members of the club along with the incoming leaders.

Dr. H. Vinod Bhat lighting the auspicious Diya | Picture – Aishwarya Sharma

The incoming officers in the various leadership positions that Toastmaster club has to offer, namely Sergeant at Arms, Treasurer, Club Secretary, Vice President of Education and the President,  had to take their oath and swear in with a Gavel in their hand, which was passed on to the next member swearing-in after one was done. After the swearing-in, the incoming President gave a persuasive speech on how she intends to move the organization forward.

TM Anushka swearing-in as VP – Ed of the MAHE Toastmasters with the gavel in hand | Picture by Aishwarya Sharma


The incoming President, TM Nirupa Srinivas giving her speech | Picture – Aishwarya Sharma

Right after that, a small Table Topic session was held as a demo as to what happens during the Toastmasters meetings and how they help the members get the confidence in speaking up. In the exciting 20 minutes, volunteers came to the platform, and as they chose a random number ranging from one to ten, they were given a topic corresponding to the number, and they had to immediately speak up on the same topic for the next two minutes. All the volunteers did brilliantly as the demo ended in cheers among the audience. Dr. H Vinod Bhat then gave his beautiful speech that spoke of his own experience of stage fright and how he conquered it to become what he is today and urged people to join the club because back in his time, he did not get such excellent opportunities that the youth of the current generation is getting.

Dr. H Vinod Bhat, Vice-Chancellor, MAHE addressing the audience | Picture – Aishwarya Sharma Division Director- Distinguished TM Shivani Baliga giving her speech | Picture – Aishwarya Sharma

The event concluded with a token of appreciation being presented to all the guests for the evening and a vote of thanks by the Incoming Club Secretary Toastmaster Ananya Nair.

The effort and hard work put into this event made it enjoyable. The club will host a prime time screening of the 2019 World Championship of Public Speaking at Sir MV Seminar Hall at Academic Block 2 for free on 25th August 2019. It is something everyone should look forward to, and the people interested in improving their verbal and communication skills should undoubtedly look into joining the highly esteemed MAHE Toastmasters Club.

Ft. Image – Joel George

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