Maggie with a twist!


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Sick of eating just plain old Maggie noodles? Well here are a few ways that people have made Maggie more interesting over the years.

  1. Bread noodle toast
  2. Vegetable Maggie noodles
  3. Egg Maggie noodles
  4. Maggie with tomato ketchupimages (5)
  5. Maggie with chicken curry masala
  6. Maggie noodle bajya or pakoda
  7. Maggie oopma
  8. Maggie with Pickle
  9. Maggie with meatballs
  10. Fried Maggie
  11. Maggie with any meat
  12. Maggie with Seafood
  13. Maggie with cheese and corn
  14. Maggie with paneer
  15. Raw Maggie salad
  16. Maggie in cutletsdownload
  17. Maggie with sausages
  18. Maggie with tikka Masala
  19. Maggie with oregano
  20. Maggie pie
  21. Maggie soupy noodles
  22. Raw Maggie with masala on top
  23. Maggie spring roll
  24. Maggie Hakka style
  25. Maggie Chinese style

Haven’t tried them yet? Go ahead, just add in any leftover from your fridge and please feel free to share your very own Maggie combinations with us!



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